Wishes Good Night my Love

Good night my love, and may you rest peacefully
I know it’s hard to be so far apart.
But tomorrow when you awake please know
That all night I’ll have kept you in my heart.
Lying down for bed without you
Hardly seems right to me at all.
But you’re the very first thing I think of in the morning
And the last I think of as into sleep I fall.

Cuddle buddy, snuggle bunny, lover, pooky, boo.
These are just a few of the names I get to call you.
Lying down next to you every single night
Brings my heart so much warmth and my life delight.
Knowing that you’ll be there if my dreams make me quake
Makes it all the better to know next to you I’ll wake.

I love you more than anyone will ever be able to know.
And there are so many great times I get to let it show.
While holding hands and telling others how I love you so
Can make me beam with pride, there’s only so far that will go.
It’s the quiet moments that we share together, all alone.
That I really feel as though the true strength of our love is shown.
Getting to hold you from bedtime until morning’s light,
Makes every single night with you, indeed, a very good night.

I wish you the sweetest dreams
Of adventures near and far.
I wish you pleasant slumberer
Void of nightmares that can scar.
I wish you thoughts so joy filled,
And I hope you’ll think of me.
I wish you a good night, my love
And all the love you can see.

Even though we might not always see eye to eye,
We never go to bed angry, and here’s the reason why.
When I lie next to you so trusting in the dark,
The love between us feels so strong, vibrant, and stark.
Listening to your soft breathing in and out again,
Makes me forget any arguments we may have had then.
Giving you all of my trust, and letting you come in,
Has certainly made me feel like every day I win.
I win because I get to see you first thing in the morn,
And even in our sleep, apart our love can’t be torn.

Slumber, sleeping, napping, catching up on ‘Z’s,
Going to bed, hitting the sack, or anything name please.
Call it whatever you want, whatever feels just right,
As long as I can be right next to you to kiss “good night.”

When you fall in love, you don’t fall in love just a little.
You’re either in, or you’re out, and there’s not really a middle.
The moment that I knew that I was in love with you
Was you responded back that night “Good night, I love you, too!”

If I could write the perfect lullaby it would have to be
Almost nothing but the sound of your breath right next to me.
Words aren’t needed, nor is music, because it’s oh so sweet
To hear you drifting off to sleep, it really is a treat.
In those quiet moments, it’s just your soul and mine,
After we’ve said “good night” is when my love for you most shines.

The distance between us tonight as we lie down far apart,
Is not anywhere close to invading the workings of my heart.
The love for you I feel tonight is strong as ever before,
Each day, in fact, I feel my love growing more and more.
When I think of all the things we’d whisper in the dark,
I’m reminded our love’s song is sweet and soft like a lark’s.
And although it might not feel as though things are right,
Know I love you more than ever: sleep well, and good night.

Love truly is a journey,
This is certainly true.
And I couldn’t be happier
To be taking it with you.
We wake each morn, greet the day,
And it always feels just right.
After dark and sleepiness falls,
We end by saying “good night.”

Good night my love,
Sleep tight my love,
May pleasant dreams come your way.
Good night my dove,
Sleep tight my dove,
“I love you,” is all I can say.