Mother’s Day Wishes From Son

Mom, you may not realize this, but you taught me to be a man.
There’s so many ways that you did this with your gentle hands.
You taught me what it means to truly love and feel and care.
You taught me that it’s always best to be honest, clear the air.
When I was upset or scared you taught me that it’s okay to feel,
You taught me all the lessons that were so important and real.
You tried to gently nudge me toward goodness, sometimes I needed shove.
But everything you did you did with the utmost, gracious love.

Mother’s day is a day
To tell you every way
You’ve made us who we are
How you’ve been my life star.
You guided me and now you see
I’m all I ever wanted to be.
Now there’s one thing left to do
Wishing “Happy Mother’s Day” to you.

The relationship between a mother and a son
Is a very special, very interesting one.
Mothers nurture, teach, and care, showing love galore,
And I couldn’t love my mother even one ounce more!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

M – Mom-looks that kept me in line.
O – Overflowing with love so kind.
T – Teacher of life’s hardest lessons.
H – Heartbreaks, you knew how to lessen.
E – Each of these things, don’t you see,
R – Really is what “MOTHER” is to me.

A boy could not have ever asked
For a mom that knew him better.
We never could trick you, even once,
You always knew the truth down to a letter.
I know I probably caused you stress
And that I may have caused some grey hairs.
But you never let that get in your way
Of healing our broken hearts and cares.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love is something “manly men” aren’t supposed to talk about,
But my love for my amazing mother I want to scream and shout.
It might be kind of wimpy, or a little embarrassing,
But for dealing with my nonsense, you let your praises sing.
Raising up a child is a grueling, difficult task.
And raising up a rambunctious boy is really a lot to ask.
But you never even batted an eye, you never did sway.
So I hope you have the happiest day on Mother’s Day.

A mother like you truly is a blessing,
A rare, true angel, and one-of-a-kind.
The fact that I got lucky enough to have you
Is still something so amazing I find!
Happy Mother’s Day!

When we were growing up, we ran around,
We tracked dirt all through the house,
We’d be loud with all sorts of sounds,
We even tried to keep a pet mouse,
The stunts we pulled were just plain crazy,
And some were just plain dumb, I’d say!
You kept us out of trouble and from being lazy,
So rest up and have a happy Mother’s Day!

There’s so much love that exists
Between a mother and her child.
It’s really quite overwhelming,
Thinking of it’s kind of wild.
The things you sacrificed and did
For me as I was growing up
Really should have earned you a reward
A ribbon, a medal, a golden cup.
I’m in awe of all you did,
And what more can I say?
I hope you have a perfect
And restful Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

I don’t know how you put up with half the things I did.
All the fighting, all the screaming, of this nuts-o kid.
I really can’t believe that I was such a terror,
And still you never seemed to think having me was an error.
The patience and love that you showed was that of a saint,
Some people may think it’s easy, but I know it sure ain’t.
Mom, you gave me some of the best years that you had,
And I owe my life and all I am to you and Dad!

Happy Mother’s Day!

I love you so very much,
You’re the greatest mother!
I love you so very much,
You’re unlike any other!

Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom in the world!