Wishes for Recovery from Serious Illness

“Not being in the best health right now is not a failure. Feeling defeated is a failure. You have clearly not given up. There is a strong connection between your attitude and healing. You seem to know that and that brings relief to your loved ones. Have faith that you are doing the best you can. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you to help you sustain your fight.”

“We share your dream of recovery. It will be a long process, but we are here with you every step of the way. If you need to be alone, we respect that. If you need help, please tell us. We’re on your team. We would do anything to see you back home. You can do it!”

“Your courage is inspirational. Most people face times in life like your’s with fear. Your brave attitude gives everyone hope because it’s genuine. You are a remarkable person. If anyone can overcome the odds, it’s you. Don’t ever give up!”

“You have faced things with dignity and grace that few people are able to. I respect you so much for that. I remember you whenever I start to complain about something and stop. In this way, you have helped to change my life. Just because you have to spend time in bed now doesn’t mean you lack purpose. You help me every day as I reflect on your strength. I hope I can be like that someday.”

“You’ve been knocked down more times than an amateur boxer, but again and again you have managed to get yourself up and standing. Where you get your strength from is inconceivable. May you continue the good fight and become a champion over your illness. If anybody can do it, you can!”

“ We see in your life that you have always been someone who encourages and inspires others. Many people have advice to give in life, but the people who have the power to actually make a difference and be heard are those who truly live what they preach. The way that you have demonstrated your good attitude throughout your challenging illness is proof of a life well-lived. You are the kind of person who is eligible for a miracle because you believe in them.”

Your spirit is absolutely glowing at a time when most people in your position would be reduced to a dull glow. You are not a typical person. Healing miracles happen to people like you. We can see you are not giving up and we love you for it. We want to have you around for a long time so keep fighting!”

“Challenges in life reveal a person’s true character. Everyone wants you to heal. Your story will have a happy ending as you will be one who has overcome odds. While this illness may seem senseless at times, there is deep meaning in it. You are learning from it and teaching us also about how to never stop believing. We’re right here at your side whenever you need us.”

“Difficulties in life are a call to action, not a signal to lie down. Although it appears that you need to physically lie down, your spirit is doing battle. We can see in your eyes and in your positive attitude. You are well equipped with these “weapons” for battling this thing. You can do it. The road recovery is long but all the strength you need is within.”

You are like a rock being put through a tumbler right now. It’s a rough period but you are becoming more shiny as you overcome more and more obstacles. We’ve always known you to be a gem-like soul, but this illness is creating the friction to perfect your inner beauty. It’s hard for you to see on yourself, but we’re here to remind you that you are a stunning individual. If anyone can overcome this, you can. We love you.”

“You may not realize it now, but after you get better you will look back and see what a precious time in your life this was, as you have utilized the opportunity to face the challenges without fear. Doesn’t it feel good to know you’re giving it your best to heal? We’re so proud of you!”