Graduation Wishes For Daughter

I promise that I’m not going to say
How you’ve grown so fast, or other cliches
I won’t embarrass you on your big day,
As “good-bye” to this chapter of life you say.
There are so many different ways
That we can celebrate this day!
Because my love for you will stay
Whether you’re nearby or far away!

Watching you get that diploma will be
One of the proudest moments for me.
I know it’s not fair, it’s your day,
And I didn’t do anything any way.
But seeing you succeed just makes me beam
It makes my smile have extra gleam.
I can’t wait to give you a hug and kiss, too!
(I’ll try not to embarrass you!)
You’re beautiful, smart, and well on your way,
So have a happy graduation today!

Daughter, I want you to know just how
Very much you have made me proud.
Every single day, past, future, and now,
My love for you makes me float on a cloud!

Happy Graduation To My Amazing Daughter!

Girl, you’ve got one heck of a noggin!
While mine slowly processes, yours is joggin’!
I can’t begin to show you the pride
For you that I have bursting inside.
As you take your next steps into the world,
I know you’ll just move onward and upward.
With paths before you pointing every which way,
They can wait, just enjoy your graduation day!

That guy, Dr. Seuss, sure did absolutely know
What he was doing when he wrote “Oh The Places You’ll Go.”
Now as I watch you graduate, my daughter,
That message doesn’t even begin to falter.
There are sure things you’ll have to overcome,
Sometimes you’ll rise to the challenge, and fall to some.
There’s one heck of a journey out there to travel
Over rocks, sand, soil, pavement, and gravel.
The roads before you you’ll want to go roam,
But one road will always lead right here to home.
Explore, my dear, and learn and see new things
And know that always and forever, your praises I’ll sing!

Going with your gut sometimes works
Really applying yourself works, too.
All the studying and things you did
Dutifully have made you into, well, you.
Underneath, you’re truly someone special
And I hope that you never ever forget
That you will always and forever,
Each day, be my favorite little graduate!

Happy Graduation, Daughter!

I raised you up, and threw lots of “parent-looks.”
You eventually grew up and hit the books.
Now you’re destined for new things, new locations,
Now that you’re all done with graduation!

Congraduations, Kiddo!

Whatever happened to that little girl
I watch wave good-bye at the school bus,
The one with pigtails and a big grin,
Over whom I would make such a big fuss?

I’ll tell you what happened, she grew up
And she made me more proud thank she’ll know,
And now she’s prepared to graduate
And onto the rest of her life she’ll go!

It’s hard not to feel nostalgic at times
Like this when I see how far you’ve come.
You’re spreading your wings and learning to fly,
You’re leaving the nest, leaving home.
I know there’s greatness just waiting for you,
And, daughter, I know you’ll do well.
But one more thing before you go,
One thought to you that I just wanted to tell.
I love you more than the earth and sky
I love you forever and I always will.
I love you and just want you to know
I am always right here for you, still.

It’s crazy how much pride I feel
Watching you graduate today,
Knowing you’re growing up so fast,
Soon you’ll be on your way.
The love a parent feels at times
Like this can be a lot to take.
The pride I have for you today
Could fill up a great big lake.
You’re an amazing daughter, dear,
You really are pretty much just great!
And I couldn’t be prouder today
To watch as you graduate!

Happy Graduation To My Pride And Joy!