Thank you Wishes for Husband

Thank you for making our marriage so beautiful that I know it will withstand the test of time and any challenges that come our way. Even though there have been ups and downs and challenges that most couples would not have been able to withstand, our marriage will stand forever! You are the best husband ever, my love, my soul mate and the one I want to spend the rest of my days with!

Thank you for your loving spirit. I feel it whether you are with me or not. It’s what makes our love so special. I take your spirit with me wherever I go and it makes me realize how much I really love you. Your sweet and kind spirit is the best gift you could ever provide for me. A gift that is irreplaceable.

Thank you for opening up my eyes to the world of the Spoken Word Artist. Your command of a poem is something to behold! Your words touch my heart so much, no matter the subject that I cannot get enough! Your poetry flows like a love song and it makes me tingle knowing that your poetry is about us and our love. I pray your words will continue to flow like a river of loving water.

Thank you for your wild and crazy sense of humor. Because you are also a stand-up comedian, I realize that much of your comedy comes from the crazy little things I do and say. It makes me smile that my little quirks make you laugh! You help me to see that life is not so serious and we should all strive to laugh at ourselves a little more. Your command of a stage is something to behold! Laughter, after all, is the best medicine!

Thank you for your loving arms of protection. The way they entwine around me whether we are together or not gives me such a sense of safety. I can close my eyes and feel your arms around me all the time. The Lord and you are my solid rocks and protectors. I cannot and would not want to live without either one of you.

Thank you for being the provider of our home and making it a sanctuary. I love coming home to you each night after working all day. Your pampering is the most precious gift you can give!

Thank you for your laughter. I love hearing the way you laugh and that it is so genuine. It’s the way you giggle that makes me want to laugh with you. It’s a quality that I would not want to be without. Having someone like you to make me laugh is the best blessing I could ever have!

Thank you for going into the kitchen and whipping up one of those special omelets that I love so much! You are the man! Watching a man doing his thing in the kitchen is one of the sexiest things ever!

Thank you for accepting me just like I am and not trying to “fix me.” I thank you for being a “love her” husband instead of a “fix her” husband, for loving and accepting me unconditionally. We are who we are and it’s rare to find someone who accepts you as you are. You are the best!

Thank you for being my #1 fan! Your support and encouragement help me to continue pressing on through difficult times. You help me to see that I am someone in this world and worth being with. You are my #1 fan as I am yours. It’s a blessing that I am so thankful for. I want you to have all your hopes and dreams come true.

Thank you for being down for the get down and looking out for the cookout! You’re the best partner anyone could ever want. It’s a blessing to me to have someone to help rather than criticize when the going gets tough. I love it that we are able to work out things together and not argue about every little thing. Such a blessing to behold! Unique!