I Love you Quotes for Girlfriend

I Love You Quotes For Girlfriend
Each moment I am with you, I feel our hearts grow closer. Each time I take your hand, I feel our souls join together through our fingertips. Each time I look into your eyes, I feel the fire of our passion blaze. As I kiss your lips, I feel the magnetism of your love pulling me closer to you. You are the sweet darling I love, cherish, and adore.

Without you, life is a drab, purposeless grind, a struggle to survive for the mere sake of a hollow existence. It is painful, bleak, endlessly unfulfilling. You fill the void in my life with joyful feelings, bringing a contented smile to my face, and the welling of love into my heart. I need you by my side, so that my life has meaning. That meaning is to love. That meaning is to be loved by you.

I never believed in love until I found you. It seemed like a game played by those who were willing to risk their hearts in a game of chance. A myth created by greeting card companies in order to sell more Valentine’s Day cards. A lie people told themselves because they were ashamed that their lives had no special purpose. Then I felt your touch and was warmed by your embrace. You gave me tenderness, compassion, love, and I gave you my heart in return. Love no longer seemed a game, myth, or lie. I now believe that love is the greatest gift a man can give. With all my heart, I give my love to you.

I cherish every day we are together. Love is a precious gift, one that must always be appreciated, as much as I appreciate you because you are my love.

You are my sweetness. The person that makes my life so beautiful despite all the hardships in this world. The sweet one I hold at night and dream about during the day. The one that makes my life bright. The one that fills my heart with joy.

Before I met you, I never knew anyone that I could bare my soul to. I never had that trusted love that I could reveal all of myself to: my doubts, my fears, my dreams, my deepest desires. You accepted me with all your heart, in my entirety. The definition of love.

There is not one part of you that I do not adore. I love every inch of your body and every hair on your head. I love every thought in your mind, every word you speak, every feeling in your heart. Because these are the things that make you my sweetness, and my love.

You appreciated all of my little successes and were there for me when life got difficult. You did not flinch when I needed your support and were genuinely happy at my accomplishments. There is no love without appreciation. I appreciate you, my love. I appreciate your every little triumph and every major accomplishment. I am there for you when life grows hard, and will see you through to the bitter end. Because you are my love, and my light.

You loved me deeply, despite all of my flaws. You cared for me when I most needed your help, and made me see the good things in myself that I had always ignored. You gave me the strength I needed to love you back. I love you deeply, despite all of your flaws. I care for you whenever you need my help, and appreciate all the good things in you that I see every day. Loving you this way, unconditionally, gave me courage because to love one must be fearless.

You captivated me with your smile. You warmed me with your embrace. You titillated me with your kiss. You loved me with your heart. I know how lucky I am to be loved by you, and will be yours always, my sweet.