Newborn Baby Wishes from Grandparents

A new life born is a miracle to us all
With so much magic in something so small
What a gift as seen as a blessing from above
Thank you for giving us another little one to love

A new baby brings excitement to many
Few things surpass the moment, if any
A precious addition is our favorite thing
If you only knew the amount of joy this will bring

A bundle of joy to share with the world
Akin to discovering an exceptional pearl
Make sure one thing is never forgotten
We will spoil our grandchild rotten

Congratulations on your new child
We wish you an infant with a temper that’s mild
We’re here to help in any way needed
That goes for this child and those that succeed it
Be prepared to stock bottles and diapers aplenty
We’ll help you stock up, just don’t ask us to change any

What joyous news, celebrating your baby
We’d like to offer our help, well, maybe.
We’ll be sure to raise the baby the fun way
That means we’re willing to babysit … well, one day

What can top a new bundle of joy?
The cards? The gifts? The boxes of toys?
What can change life in one day?
As much as we’d love to congratulate you
That feeling tops all we could say

We’re lucky to see the arrival of your child
Worth the wait after quite the while
There to provide heirlooms, trinkets and tokens
We hope to hear the first words spoken
And after your little one begins to talk
We can’t wait to see the first walk

We’ll love your child as long as we live
And along the way bestow all we can give
We’ll keep baby busy with so much to do
We hope to enjoy what we once did with you

May we give some advice from the heart?
Adding new family is just so much fun
With all due respect, this was a nice start
How soon can you start planning the next one?

What advice can you give in this instance…
When your child has one of their own?
Everyone will want to put in their two cents
Be prepared to feel a love you’ve never known

A life of bottles and diapers awaits
Nights may be filled with cries
When you find yourself up late
Just look into that little one’s eyes

The baby’s arrived after a long wait
We vow to try hard not to make a fuss
If the baby does grow up to be great
That just means it took after us

We would like to say thanks for the gift you have given
We knew you could do it even still when you didn’t
This precious gift still so fragile and small
Yet so easily able to bring joy to us all

Your baby is still new
And will be changing every day
It won’t be that long before
Change comes in every way
That’s why it special to save
All the memories of today

The beautiful gift, so exciting and new
Is sure to bring the best joy to you
A special new life to love beyond measure
To bring us all an incomparable pleasure

Your little one finally arrived today
The excitement is guaranteed to stay
Brand new babies everyone adores
The best part is this new angel is yours

A long time it took to meet
Those little hands and little feet
And now that baby’s finally here
Get ready for an interesting year

A blessing to all of our hearts
Your new baby is loved right from the start
There really is no method to say
Just how much love we have today

Children are special we all know it’s true
Of course no one else could compare to you
While you are loved in your own unique way
The new baby is the most loved today!

Rarely do we see such a heartwarming day
We all have so much to send your way
Binkies and blankets and baskets galore
By the time you get home it will look like a store