New born Baby Wishes to Parents

Welcome to your new role! Act one, scene one of parenting is about to begin. The curtain rises on the star of the show, your precious arrival! May you shine under the spotlight to a standing ovation!

When a new life begins, another is forever changed. The world takes on a refined hue, and what you once knew is now transformed in an instant. For the change of a lifetime, Congratulations.

It is time to exchange sleep for three a.m. feedings, the sports car for the minivan, and the vacation fund for college savings. Welcome to parenthood. Welcome to the best years of your life.

No value can be placed on the gift of a child. They are priceless, irreplaceable, and worth every sacrifice. The beauty of life is in its fragility. Guard this new life with yours. Congratulations on the arrival of your precious jewel.

A child so small, they fit in your hands. A fist so tiny it fits snug around your finger. In the glimmer of their eyes you can see promise. In your arms, you hold your future. Congratulations on the birth of your legacy.

Today is the first day on a new path. It is a path wide enough for strollers, trikes, and skateboards. Be prepared for the twists, turns, and bumps along the way. Take time to smell the ice cream, and snap lots of pictures. Walk the path with confidence and with a firm grip on the little hand that trusts you. Best wishes as you embark on the journey of parenthood.

Social media tells me you are expecting.
Correction: Congratulations on your new arrival!
Here’s to hoping parenting is easier than keeping up with social media sites!

Welcome to the land of sweet dreams. To the land of teddies, blankies, and lullaby rhymes with soft-spoken prayers over sleepy heads. It is where make-believe passions are fulfilled and fantasy becomes reality. May heaven shower you with blessings in the arrival of your little shooting star.

Bringing home baby! The day you have waited for is here! It is a blessing to share in the happiness which comes from the miracle of birth. Best wishes on the beginning of a new phase in your life!

Creating life is a gift. Cultivating life is a skill. Watching that life mature and grow is the reward of being a parent. Congratulations on the birth of your little one.

The stork has made his rounds. The package he left fits in your arms and has your eyes. Treasure your special delivery with all your love and affection. Congratulations on receiving your bundle of joy!

You’re MVP, Most Valuable Parent! You’re the rookie of the year at the top of your game. The crowd goes wild at the announcement of the arrival of your little champ. Congratulations!

Baby cheeks like spring blossoms, eyes bright like the summer sun, tiny fingers like the autumn leaves, and unique footprints like winter snowflakes. Your baby is a perfect picture. Congratulations on this season of change in your life.

Welcome, sweet sugar lollipop! Chocolate kisses for the baby jelly bean! May your family feel the joy that comes with the arrival of a darling little gum drop. Congratulations to happy parents!

Never fear, our hero is here! The city is saved by the arrival of a brave little superhero! Best wishes on many heroic days of crime fighting fun to come!

The day your baby was born will never be forgotten. Childhood is magical and full of moments you will cherish forever. Congratulations on the arrival of your darling little one.