Congratulations to Parents to be

The way you look at one another will soon be reflected in your baby’s eyes…

Little fingers, little toes, soon to be wrapped up in a blanket of your love for each other…congratulations on your new baby!

A new little darling is coming soon, celebrate your love! Live and love and laugh and know that you are forever blessed with this little one!

Love surrounds you, abounds within you when you look at one another, when you love one another, and when you first feel that little hand wrap around yours!

Every little flutter, every little kick, will soon be cuddling in your arms! Wrap your love around each other every day and know that you will be great parents!

An affirmation of your love for one another is the greatest gift of all…a new baby!!

An indescribable happiness, a joy that bubbles like a spring, a new baby! How wonderful!

Holding hands, a gentle touch, a secret smile, Love shared….a New Life Created…ah, Love!

Life is filled with many surprises; a new baby is the best surprise of all!

A little wiggle, a little giggle, reaching out to hold your finger, a little baby is the greatest gift of all!

Loving one another so much, wrapping your arms around one another, and soon to be wrapping yourselves up in a cuddly little baby made from Love!

Nothing else matters when a new baby smiles at you, at that moment, you know that everything you are and everything you have done…was right.

A new baby to love, to hug, to admire, to stare at in amazement, caught up in the wonder and love you have for each other…Such joy!

Amazement, wonder, and love…..all that you feel for one another will soon be felt for your new little one, all wrapped up in a soft blanket of joy!

Loving, living, laughing, all that you do now will change into loving, living and laughing with a new little love, perfect in every way!

Such joy, such happiness, all cuddly and sweet, adoring eyes looking at you with the same loving expression that you look at each other with!

First you were two, soon to be three, how wonderful life can be! Enjoy every minute of every day and know that you will be incredible parents!

All the worries and stresses of life fly away when you look at your new baby and your heart melts, just like it does when you look at one another.

When a new baby is born, you look at each other and know that loving one another was enough. Enjoy every moment, every laugh, every cry, and be at peace in knowing that love will see you through everything.

In that secret place in our hearts we have Love. Your love for one another will soon love you back with all that is good in this world. Hold tight, and keep loving, the memories are worth it.