Friendship Quotes about the Past

Friendship is a tricky thing. The relationship you have as children is not the same as you have as adults. What you have to do is take that innocence and joy from the past and carry it with you into the future. Your relationship has to evolve as you grow up.

There are some people who come and some people who go. Sometimes you cannot control who enters and exits your life. But having you as one of my oldest, dearest friends is a relationship I am blessed to still have. Though we may not see each other as often as we like, you are my best friend, and I will cherish that always.

I have often heard that friends, like cheese or wine, get better with age. I could not agree more. We have known each other for so long; I sometimes think that we share thoughts, that are brains are somehow connected. But that is what makes our relationship strong. We know what each other is feeling and what we need without asking. We would not have that if not for being friends for such a long time.

I was thinking the other day that it has been months since we have sat in a room to talk with each other. A short phone call or a quick text message seems to be all we have time for lately as we try to keep up with our busy lives. But whenever we do get a chance to hang out or spend time together, it is like no time has passed. I think it’s because we have been friends since we were children. We don’t necessarily need that constant contact to remain friends. I guess that is the mark of a true friendship.

We met as toddlers. We shared our crayons in kindergarten. We learned to ride our bicycles together. We worried about going to middle school. You shared the memory of your first kiss with me and I with you. We grew apart in high school, but came back together once again. We partied at graduation, and cried when we went to different colleges. We called each other every week, sharing our experiences and rejoiced at making the dean’s list. We went on vacation during spring break and analyzed our first serious relationships. You got engaged first and asked me to stand beside you. I watched you marry the man of your dreams and cried when you told me you were expecting. You see, what I have come to realize is that you, my friend, are my chosen family. We share in our triumphs and cry at defeat. You are my sister and I am yours.

I sometimes feel like we were friends in a different life. That is how connected I am to you.

When you are moving forward in life, it is nice to have a friend connected to your past.

Some people say to forget about your past, but I find looking back on our past as friends gives me the strength and confidence to do anything I want in my future.

Remember when we sneaked out of the house to go to a party or dented the car and blamed it on my brother? Remember when we jumped into the ocean together and ran down the beach like in the movies? Remember when we laughed so hard we cried and cried so hard we laughed? Being a true friend is remembering the good times and the bad, and staying beside each other through it all.

Looking back at how far we have come as friends, makes me realize no relationship is easy. Putting in the hard work to keep it going is worth it.

Friends help us look back at where we started and use that to help us who we will become in the future.

We cannot change the past. You have helped me to see that. You, my friend, have embraced me, faults and all and shown me how I can move forward and live in the present. Now, with your help, I can see the future.