Good Morning Wishes

Keep your chin up and greet the day with a smile. A smile tells your brain that everything is going to work out fine, even when your mind wants to tell you different.

A good morning can easily turn into a good afternoon, evening and night. Let your good morning morph into a great day.

Set an intention for your day. When you intend to act a certain way, so it will be. Remember your intention occasionally throughout the day.

Whether the weather is gray or sunny, start your day with something funny.

Take a look around and be thankful for what you see. Focus on what you have rather than what you think you need because sometimes what you think you need and what will actually make you happy are vastly different.

Start your day on the right foot by expressing gratitude and love to those around you. The gratitude and love you’ll receive in return may surprise you.

Take time to breathe each morning before the day gets hectic. Close your eyes, fill your belly with air and slowly let it out. Fill and refill your “balloon” several times to feel energized and positive about the day ahead.

Don’t let events determine your attitude. Let your inner spirit shine regardless of the events in your life.

A positive attitude is yours for the taking. You simply must choose it every morning and keep it with you throughout the day, no matter what happens.

Set a purpose for your day to keep your thoughts and actions focused on a goal. When you feel your energy draining, refocus your thoughts to your original goal.

The best intentions of the morning are those that are realized by the afternoon.

Give yourself three gifts each morning. The gift of a positive attitude, the gift of determination to face whatever the day holds, and the gift of a loving heart.

The difference between a good day and a bad day lies in you. Make it a great day by responding to events with a loving spirit and a positive outlook.

Cast your burdens aside and replace them with a hopeful heart, a positive attitude and a rugged determination.

Believe in yourself and there’s nothing you can’t accomplish in your day.

A good morning begins with a well-rested body and mind. Treat your morning as a precious gift that was given to you during the night. Cherish it as you would any other gift.

As you greet the day, remember the big picture of your life. Surround yourself with those who are like-minded and who will support you every step of the way. Distance yourself from those who seem to hinder you.

The best thing about every new morning is that it is a fresh start. Forget about yesterday, forget about tomorrow and focus on today.

When the day is fresh and new and everything seems possible, grasp onto that feeling of optimism and run with it.

Every morning is a gift of the whole day laid out in front of you. What will you do with today’s gift? Wasting the gift isn’t wise and taking it for granted will leave you feeling empty. Instead, take advantage of the day by reveling in the gift given to you.