Exam Congratulations

All the days of studying from dusk til dawn
And then again from daybreak until dark
Really helped you take this scary test
And knock it right out of the park.
Your successes with all of your studying
Have really shown through on this exam!
You’ve done more than just hit a home run
You’ve hit a great big grand slam!


Books about to topple over as you run
From the library back to your home.
Cup of coffee in hand as you grumpily shun
All those on Friday night who freely roam.
These may have been some less happy things
That you encountered, along with the rest.
But because of them your praises we’ll sing
As we celebrate your success with this test!

E is for Each time you opened a book
X is for Xeroxes of notes you made
A is for All-nighters that you pulled
M is for Making the tip-top grade!

Congrats on the success on your exam!

Life will test you in so many ways;
Exams are just one minuscule part.
You’ll be tested in patience and street smarts
With trying situations and broken hearts.
A great mark on your test is a good sign
It shows you know how to use your brain
And that you can throw your heart and soul
Into things to the upper advantage gain!

Congrats on your great score!

Pencils down, stop your work!
You’ve finished your final exam.
So get on your favorite party shoes
For a night of glitz and glam!

Let’s celebrate your hard work!

When you’re a little kid test day
Can cause a good bit of anxiety.
But when you’re an adult taking an exam
You start to pray to any deity!
What seemed a little tiny bit scary
Back in the day when you were ten
Has magnified itself to be
Ten times scarier than back then!

Congrats on overcoming your exam!

It is no coincidence that
The words “student” and “dying”
Come together oh so neatly
To tell you to keep “studying!”

Congrats on making it out of your exam alive!

You’ve worked harder than anyone I know.
You’ve sacrificed nights out with friends.
You’ve dutifully stayed glued to your books.
You’ve made it pay off in the end!
You’ve taken this exam and made it through,
You’ve passed with flying colors!
You’ve really outdone yourself this time,
You’ve also outdone all the others!

Great work!

Remember that awful nightmare you had
About being unprepared for the test
Well you’ve certainly taken all those fears
And put them all down, laid them to rest.
You could not have done better work
On this exam that you’ve just taken.
It’s because of the hard work you did
To prepare that you remained unshaken!

Congrats and keep up the great work!

I’m so proud to call you my friend,
And though I may sometimes sass.
It really is a pleasure to know
Such an amazingly smart ass!

Congratulations on the amazing grade, my friend!

T – Testing student knowledge for the future:
E – Each and every year it must be done!
S – Sometimes good grades must be nurtured,
T – Then those who pass take their place in the sun!

Great job, and step right up to your spotlight!

Final exams can be so scary
Like monsters, big and hairy.
The students taking them can be too,
I’m glad that student wasn’t you!
Unlike some of your classmates
You made sure you slept and ate.
You handled your test prep with grace,
And that’s the reason that you aced!

No more power points, no more books,
No more of Professor’s dirty looks
When you don’t quite understand,
‘Cause you just aced! (‘Cause you’re the man!)

Getting all prepared for a big final exam
Can sometimes feel like a test in itself.
You balance your schedule and time in the day
Like books on a somewhat unstable shelf.
But today you triumphed and earned the A,
So let’s give three cheers of “Hip, Hip, Hooray!”

Congratulations on the amazing success
You’ve had with this big exam you just passed.
Now that you’re done studying does that mean
You can come out and have fun, ya’ smart ass?!

Congrats to my amazingly smart friend on passing your exam!