Pregnancy Wishes to Friend

Bringing another life into this world
Is truly a blessed thing to do.
And there’s nobody that I could see
Making a better parent than you.
You’re going to have a beautiful kid
And I really can’t wait to meet them.
This addition to your family tree
Is truly going to be quite a gem.


If your kid’s anything at all like you,
Then of gray hairs you’ll gain a few.
With all the crazy stunts we would pull
Our childhoods were with recklessness full!
But I really think we’re better people for it,
And to be a parent you’re fully prepared and fit!

I can’t wait to be that crazy friend
You tell your kids stories about!
And I look forward to catching up
With you as they run and shout.
A new chapter of your life is nearing
As your family prepares to expand,
And that news, I think is great!
It really is just absolutely grand!

Congrats and best wishes!

You have always been one of a kind,
Nobody could ever do all that you do.
But with this mini-me that you’ll have
There might almost soon be two of you!

Remember all those days way back when,
When we would play house and dress-up
We’d “cook” and “clean” and “iron,”
And sip fake tea from small teacups.

You may have thought those days
Were all so far behind me and you.
But now that you’re about to have a kid,
You can get ready for “Play Time” Part Two!

You’ll sit with your kid as they draw
You’ll show them games that were your favorite.
This all comes with the territory of parenting,
And I know you’ll be just great at it!

When I first heard the blessed news,
I nearly cried tears of joy for you.
The love you’ll have for this new child
Is certainly not going to just be mild.
Seeing your family expand and grow
Truly is amazing, I know you know.
You will be the best parent ever,
And the bond you’ll have will never sever.

Pregnancy can bring a lot of emotional ups and downs,
Mood swings, cravings that have you driving across town.
It can be a little bit of a roller coaster ride,
Sometimes you’ll just want to cry, run, and hide.

But then there are times that you’ll feel so at peace,
You’ll find that you’re almost frighteningly at ease.
And when you contemplate all the love that you’ll send
To this baby makes it all worth it in the end.

Now here’s the real secret that nobody tells you,
It has to do with what all this craziness can do.
See, pregnancy has ups, downs, twists, and turns
Helping prepare for parenthood, teaching all you need to learn!

Now that you’re about to become a parent,
One thing might seem oh so apparent.
You might think your wild days are long gone,
That you’ve sung your youthful time’s swan song.
But you will quickly learn nothing’s more wild
Than the journey you’ll take in raising a child!

Children area gift from above that deserve our love.
However trying they may be, their love fits like a glove.
It truly is a magical thing getting to raise a kid.
Loving relationships fit perfectly, like a pot and its lid.
Don’t ever think for a second that you cannot do this.
Remember and savor each memory, one moment do not miss.
Every single day your child will learn and grow,
Never running out of things or love to you to show.

Scary hormones, cravings, mood swings,
These are all pregnancy things
With which you’ll learn to cope and deal
Even when things get too real.

Scraped knees, heartbreaks, lessons learned
Parenthood will find all these earned.
You might not always feel confident
But you’ll do great, parenthood is meant!

No matter what comes your way,
I know that you’ll cease the day!
Because you’re strong, kind, caring, and smart
And almost nobody has as big of a heart!

Congrats on the great news!