Retirement Wishes for Boss

In your leisure time, we hope you’ll travel to many enchanting new destinations—We hope you go far, and we hope you go fast.

Enjoy your trade of office stress for seaside hours of blissfulness.

Instead of growing gaunt and gray from daily worries,
Enjoy refreshing island life, where turtle-time outlaws hurry.

Wisdom is personified as calm, serene reflection,
And yours will be much kinder turned in opposite direction.

I wouldn’t say we’re overwrought, distressed or vexed or even quite distraught as your retirement’s drawing near–
It’s just that we’ll know great relief when you’re securely there
and we’re left idly here.

Posies are rosy and violets, blue-hued—As retirement time ripens and blossoms for you, expect no “Boo-hoos.”

As you grow older and think back on your life,
Remember us fondly who caused you such strife
Each working hour, by day and through night.

Strolling through your future life,
I wish you peace in all you do—
At least you won’t be dodging jokes and rowdy comments
from your charming office crew.

In your retirement:
Think of us as willing workers,
Well-intentioned and sincere;
Although it’s a deceitful mask
we wear—please hold us dear.

Although we’ll miss you when you’ve gone away—
We’d rather you not tire yourself by staying one more day.

Retirement time is almost here for you:

No more early morning traffic,
Forget the old rush-hour blues,
Go to bed at any hour,
Have your breakfast way past noon—
You’ll be swimming in the tropics,
Sailing through clear, calm lagoons.
Aggravations gone forever,
Toss your worries to the sky,
As CEO of your own lifestyle
You’ll do only what you please—
So live it up,
You’ve left the dock, you’re off the clock—
Your ship sails free—Enjoy the tantalizing breeze.

Lock the office, close the store,
Forget those daily business chores;
Join your friends for drinks and lunch,
Then linger on, relax with wine
Until it’s dusk and time to dine—
Enjoy the sunset’s clear bright shine,
You’ve left all worries, cares and woes

And now, your only real concern
Is running out of wine and wit
Before the morning sunrise glows.

Make the most of your retirement:

Party till the wee small hours,
Sleep till noon-time’s lazy rays,
Bask in late-day dancing shadows
Under lush green tree umbrellas,
Not a care to come your way.
Make the most of all life offers,
Pack your bags and book a flight;
Take one trip and then another,
Trot the globe to your delight.
Destinations to enchant you
Never cease to tease from far—
Always take those special chances
To explore each unknown shore—
Rest assured we’ll all applaud your
Daring ventures from afar—
With a sigh of great relief,
Not knowing where you are.
No need to call, email or text—
Let’s all praise a job well done—
We’re finally and most gratefully unplugged.