Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Our relationship has been the biggest blessing in my life so far.
I would do anything to spend the rest of my day with you.
Have a special birthday with the guy that loves you the most.
It’s time to party with our friends and have a toast.

The moment I met you, I knew I had to ask you out.
I am in awe of your beauty, charm, and intelligence.
You carry yourself with nothing but confidence and grace.
Happy birthday from your boyfriend, best friend, and soul mate.

The girls have come and gone every since I was a teenager.
You’re the only one I have loved and truly cared for this way.
I’d do anything to keep you safe and make you happy.
You deserve an amazing birthday celebration and dinner on me.

I hope that I meet all of your expectations as a boyfriend.
One day I plan to make you my fiancee and then my wife.
Today is your birthday, and it is a day that I appreciate.
Your presence has changed my desires for the future and life.

Very few guys can say that their girlfriend is also their best friend.
We knew each other for years before deciding to be together.
I’d never look back not that you are my one and only.
Let’s enjoy your birthday and every one that follows.

Every day that I wake up next to you, I know that I am lucky.
I constantly remind you how much I love and appreciate you.
Today is no different, but it is also your birthday.
Let me take you out to show off your great dance moves.

My mother raised me to treat my girlfriend like a queen.
The only thing missing from your life is a crown.
I’d wait on you hand and foot, even though I know you wouldn’t let me.
Let’s enjoy your birthday and the big celebration I have planned.

You’re the love of my life and a rare miracle.
I cannot explain the happiness you bring to my world.
Have the best birthday and may all of your wishes come true.

My girlfriend happens to be the sweetest person in the world.
She never argues or fights no matter how frustrated she gets.
Today is her birthday, and she deserves to be honored and celebrated.
I’d wrap the whole world up in a bow, but it would never be enough.

There are times that it may seem like I don’t show how much I care.
You deserve to hear how amazing you are every single day.
I love that you are my girlfriend and stick with me through anything.
Enjoy your birthday, and I hope that your wish comes true.

On your birthday, you get to blow out the candles to make one wish.
I’m already your boyfriend so there isn’t much else you could ask for.
I promise to fill your world with love and support each passing day.

One year on my birthday, I wished for a sweet girl like you.
It must have come true because I don’t deserve such an amazing person.
Thank you for being my beautiful, fun, and intelligent girlfriend.
I hope that you have fun on your birthday and get everything that you wish for.

Your mom and dad must be proud of the job they did raising you.
They taught you to be caring, understanding, and patient with other people.
I’m not an easy boyfriend to put up with, but you do it flawlessly.
Have the best birthday with all of us that love you.

To the most special person in my life:
thank you for allowing me to celebrate
this amazing day with you.
Nothing makes me happier than reveling
with joy on the day you were born.

Happy Birthday to my special gal
I always feel tired when you’re not around
’cause you’re always running through my mind.

To my sweetheart who I adore,
Happiest of Birthday Wishes to you.
I’m eager to celebrate with you tonight.

I can’t believe it’s already your birthday.
We’ve been together a short time
but I feel like I’ve known you for much longer.
The time we’ve shared together so far
has lit up my life. I’m excited to spend
your birthday with you and I can’t wait
to spend many more together.

You got me, babe
I’m all yours;
and nothing makes me happier
than the thought of celebrating
your most special day
together, in my arms.

You set my world on fire
And every day it’s newly ablaze
Thinking of you.
Happy birthday
to the woman of my dreams.

Happy Birthday!
Our life together has been
a real roller-coaster ride
And I wouldn’t have it any other way!
Celebrating your special day
is just one more crazy,
upside-down loop
on this romantic ride
worthy of a place in the record books.

When I sip my coffee in the morning,
it wakes me up a little.
When I see your face,
it wakes me up a lot.
You brighten up my day with every waking moment
and I am so glad to get to share
your wonderful birthday with you.
Happy Birthday!

Baby Ruth, you have me be”Twix”ed
I’m smitten with Mounds of love for you
It fills me with (Almond) Joy to be able
to wish you a Happy Birthday
with no Snickers
Only a white Dove
bringing you a beautiful flower
And the happiest thoughts
of strolling along everywhere from 5th Avenue
to the very Red Hot surface of Mars
deep in the heart of the Milky Way
with many more, Whatchamacallit,
oh yeah–adventures, to come!
So have a wonderful day
and although being around you gives me sweaty palms
I’ll try to deliver these greetings without any Butterfingers
Happy Birthday to my candy girl!

Happy Birthday
to the most special woman I know,
the person who makes the world go around
and my heart sing every day.
Thank you for allowing me
to spend the best day of my life with you
because, you see,
every day with you is the best day yet for me.

Any moment not spent with you
is for the birds
Because when I see you
there’s a frog in my throat
and I feel like a doggone fool
my head all spun around
like a bull in a china shop
when all I want you to know
straight from the horse’s mouth
is that I love you!
Happy Birthday!

Whenever I look at you
I think that every day
should be a celebration
of how special and amazing you are,
and what a wonderful person you are.
I know I am so lucky to be with you,
and I am so glad today is a day
that everyone knows
is devoted to celebrating you,
just as every day is to me,
especially today.
Happy Birthday!

Happiest of Birthdays
to the woman I feel so glad to know
whose affection gives me such satisfaction
and whose heart I long to know more of
every single day.
You mean the world to me, my love.