Birthday Wishes for Uncle

“Happy Birthday to my favorite uncle whose laugh fills up a room, who everyone crowds around to hear your great stories, and who always seems to be right there for you when you need him. You are one of a kind, uncle, and you are loved. Happy Birthday!”

“We’ve always had that unspoken love between each other, haven’t we uncle? It’s not like we have to throw our arms around each other or utter sentimental words, we just know. There is mutual respect there. Its a beautiful thing. Happy Birthday!”

“Uncles are the best. While dad was too caught up in his discipline role all the time, you and I could be free to pal around and have good times together. If you needed to guide me, you did in your own special and unique way and it wasn’t like you had to bust my chops. All the little things you did were appreciated by me. I hope you have a great birthday!”

“Uncle, it was you that was there for me when dad wasn’t. I’ll never forget how you showed up when I needed you. You made me feel cared for. I hope now I can do the same for you. Happy Birthday!”

I love being your nephew. You have really showed me the ropes. Do you know you were my hero when I was a kid? I looked up to you so much, and unlike other people, you never let me down. You’re awesome and I love you. Happy Birthday!”

“ I love how I could always call you when I was in a bind. My parents couldn’t of handled it. You always knew what to do and didn’t make me feel like an idiot, yet still found a gentle way to put me back on track. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you. Sincerest thanks from my heart and I wish you the best birthday ever!”

“ Whenever the doorbell rang and mom called out your name my heart leapt out of my chest. My uncle was the coolest guy ever and I couldn’t wait to run downstairs and give him a hug. The teenage years, of course, rendered me unable to show respect from my awkward development, but you didn’t put me aside and roll your eyes like mostly everyone else. You would ask me thoughtful questions and let me know that you still saw me. You still know me better than almost anyone else. You mean so much to me. I hope you are blessed with a very long life and many more birthdays so my future kids can meet their great uncle and love him as much as I have.”

“ While my dad wore a suit and tie everyday, my uncle wore work boots and plaid shirts. Dad used his mind most, while you used your hands. I learned about the character of the working man from you. Your pride in your hard work made me proud, too. You never complained. Thanks for bringing respect and dignity to my view of your part of the working world. It carries on with me today and always. Happy Birthday.”

It’s so nice to have another weirdo in the family. If it weren’t for you uncle, I’d be all alone. We are the only ones who understand each other. I’m so happy we have bonded over the years. I know you’ll always back me up. Happy Birthday!”

“My uncle is always keeping things interesting, that’s for sure. The sense of adventure you have towards life is contagious. You really know how to live. I have learned from you how to think outside the box. You’re amazing! Happy Birthday.”

“I’m so lucky to have an uncle like you. I hope you have an excellent birthday and a great special time of the year. Happy birthday to you!”

“If I could choose my family, I still would want you for my uncle. I hope all of your dreams come true on your birthday and have a great one! Happy birthday!”

“Happy birthday to the best uncle in the world. You’re there for me like a dad, talk to me like a friend and treat me like a sibling- you deserve nothing but everything on your birthday!”

“A birthday is a special time that only comes around once a year. It’s a time when we can celebrate the ones we love and our family and I’m so glad to have you as part of my family. You’re the best uncle who deserves the best. Happy birthday to you!”

“Having an uncle as awesome as you is something that not everyone is as lucky as me to have. I hope you enjoy yourself on this special day. Happy birthday!”

“Uncles are some of the best people that we could have in our lives…and you’re one of the best uncles! I hope you have a very happy birthday!”

“Uncles are like best friends that understand everything about your family because they’re a part of it too! I hope you have a special birthday celebrating with our family, love and happiness!”

“Getting all of the love and attention you deserve on your birthday is only part of celebrating. I hope you have a wonderful day and get as many presents as you want!”

“Happy birthday to the best uncle I could ever ask for. You’re a great person, a great friend and I think you deserve the best!”

“Uncles are best friends that God made into family to make it easier on all of us. Wishing you the best on your birthday, best uncle friend!”

“Having an uncle like you is one of the best gifts I could have ever received and I hope you receive all of the gifts you deserve on this special day. It’s great to have a special uncle like you and I’m so happy to celebrate you today and all year. Happy birthday to an excellent uncle!”

“You’re a one of a kind uncle. You’re always there for me when I need you and I’m so happy that I have someone like you as part of my family. Happy birthday!”

“Happy birthday to a super special uncle. You’re wonderful to me and I’m so happy that I have you for the rest of your life. Here’s to hoping you have a perfect birthday made up of everything and everyone you love!”

“I hope the greatest uncle in the world has the greatest birthday in the world. You deserve an awesome birthday that holds everything you could ever want and everyone that you have ever loved. Happy birthday to you, I hope it’s a super special one!”

“You’re a great uncle that has brought so much joy to my life and I hope you have all of that joy during your special day. Happy birthday to you!”

“Happy birthday to the greatest uncle in the world. You’re my best friend, I can talk to you about everything and you’re always there for me, so I hope you have a birthday overflowing with love and joy!”

“Thanks for being the greatest uncle. I hope you have a birthday that brings you so much love, happiness and everything you want!”