Wishes for Success in Exams

You put in the hours. You drank the coffee. You studied hard. I would wish you luck on your exams, but you won’t need luck. Go get that A.

A student of your caliber with your unique perspective has nothing to worry about from a final exam, this is your chance to shine in your field. When it is over, and you have passed with your A, you will hear me saying ‘I told you so.’

Everyone has their trials and an exam is a trial like any other. You, however are a student like no other. You have what it takes to test confidently, answer correctly, and score highly. Best wishes on your tests, in life and in school!

Test anxiety: The acute sense of mortal fear an exam feels when you enter the room with a number two pencil. Define yourself by the definition that applies to your efforts.

In the ancient past in these United States of America, young men had to endure many days and nights alone in the wilderness to prove their coming of age to their tribe, their peers, and themselves. They would wander about, searching for a guide for their spirit in the animal kingdom, and they could not return until they had a vision from the spirit world. Those young people managed to complete their quests, and now it is your turn. I know modern tests seem a little harder, but you will pull through.

Think of a test like a boxing match, except for every hour you’ve studied, you get a free hit. And coffee is like steroids. Give that test the ol’ one-two. And then make sure you answer the rest of the questions, that’s pretty important.

There comes a time in every student’s life where they reach the apex of their training and must be tested as proof of their hard work, knowledge, and abilities under pressure. Now it is your turn to prove your worth. Keep your eyes on that A, and persevere!

If you believe in your studying ability like I believe in you, and if you trust in your intelligence as much as I trust you, you will pass this test with flying colors and fanfare. And then I will buy you a hamburger. We will call it the hamburger of righteous knowledge.

It is never too late to study harder, think deeper, or read closer. Unless you already did all that, and you need your eight hours sleep. Good luck, test taker! I’m rooting for you!

If you push yourself, and try your hardest, and do everything you can to stay at the top of your game, there is nothing you can’t accomplish. When you sit down to take your exam, trust in your effort. You’ll do better than you even believed.

You’re under those bright lights. It’s the bottom of the ninth in the ball game of your education. Your teachers have loaded up the bases for you. Square your shoulders. Choke up on your pencil. You’re about to hit a grand slam, and the crowd will go wild as you run the bases.

You studied hard because you knew you had to study. You won’t fail your test, because you never fail when you apply your mind. You will excel, because you deserve to excel.

Back in the 1970’s, during the reign of Napoleon, young knights had to prove themselves in sporting trials called ‘final exams’. That is where we get the phrase today. You probably shouldn’t listen to me on the subject of History, you should probably focus on your books and get your ‘A’ on that exam, young knight.