Engagement Wishes for Cousin

Finding the one you love is truly a special thing,
It’s the kind of miracle that can make a heart sing.
With all of the excitement around the happy news,
I know that you have found the perfect one to choose!
My cousin, I could not be happier for you.
It’s always so apparent, the love between you two.
Together you’ll have an amazing married life,
Right from the moment you’re named “man and wife.”

Cousins are a special gift sent from above,
With all the fun of best friends and all the sibling love.
We’ve watched as one another grew and lived and thrived,
And now you’re all grown up and you’re taking the dive.

Congrats on your engagement, Cuz!

Congratulations on your engagement, my cousin.
Triumphantly your heart should celebrate this win!
I have seen you through all of the ups and downs and turns
Sat with you through heartbreaks that you didn’t justly earn.
But they say that everything happens for a reason,
And every dog has his day, each blossom has a season.
Every road that you went down, each turn that you made,
Has – to this amazing moment – your path clearly laid.

Cousins get the very best of two perfect worlds.
They get all the closeness of a sibling tie.
But they also get the more fun side of a best friend,
And I’m so glad you’re my cuz, I could never lie.

When I think of all the memories we two have made,
All the laughter all the inside jokes that we have shared,
I can’t help but smile and know that for this marriage
Everything I’ve seen you through has made you so prepared!

Best Wishes On The Next Chapter Of Your Life!

An Ode For My Cousin’s Engagement

Every story has a bunch of pages,
Chapters, verses, sections, and so much more.
Filled with advice, tips, and tricks from sages,
And twists and turns so the story won’t bore.
When your story got a little scary
I was there to make certain you got through.
And I know if you had to you’d carry
Me through my own, that I certainly knew.
Oh, how happy I was about the news,
The joy in your life being well deserved.
Just knowing you’d no longer sing the blues
Made this announcement pleasantly observed!
And now as you get married, my cousin,
I wish you great blessings by the dozen.

Moving on to a new chapter in life
Can be a scary, bitter sweet thing.
Although the happiness before you is ripe,
What you’re leaving behind can sting.
But memories are there now and always,
And the people you love never really leave.
So make sure you hold onto ALL your happiness,
Live, Laugh, Love, Learn, and Believe!

Congrats on your upcoming nuptials, cousin!

Cousin, I couldn’t be more happy
For you than I am right now,
Knowing that in a little while,
I’ll be watching you exchange your vows.


How many times did we play dress-up
When we were just little kids?
We’d pretend to be meeting our prince,
Or playing house with pans and lids.
Now we’re grown and living life,
And you’ve found your prince charming,
But you’re a true catch, cousin, it’s true,
So your dream coming true’s not alarming!

You can hold onto the memories of old,
And get ready to make many more new!
His heart is yours, not just borrowed,
And he’ll always be there if you’re blue.

Cousin, I know these things you’ve been told,
And that the wedding rhyme you knew!
After you’re married you’ll never feel sorrow,
Because I’ve seen you twos’ love shining true!

Cousin, I know you’re a stand-up guy,
And I really am proud of you.
I can’t wait to see the happiness
And love that’s between you two.
You’re committing to your princess,
But it’s so much more than this –
You’re committing to a life of joy,
Of lifelong happiness and bliss.

Congrats On Your Engagement!

When you called and said she said yes,
And that she was searching for the perfect dress,
I knew you’d be the happiest alive,
To have such a wonderful wife!

Congrats, Cousin!