Wishes For Recovery From Cancer

Cancer is a scary word, but it doesn’t mean defeat.
And I know this ugly disease you are going to beat.
You have got an inner strength that few others do.
Doctors will help you heal, but that strength will, too.
When you’re scared and unsure of what will come next.
Know you have me here to call, or chat, or text.

The love and admiration that I have for you
Is almost indescribable, and undefinable, too.
Your strength and resilience makes me want to be
A version of myself that’s even better than my “best me.”

Throughout your life you’ve taken on challenges galore.
And this battle with cancer is going to be one more.
But I know that you’ll meet it with all the grace and class
And strength that you could ever need to kick cancer’s ass!

You have so many people here who love you oh so much,
And this disease that you’re fighting won’t change things as such.
Surround yourself with our love, and let it help you heal.
Call a friend over to chat when down or blue you feel.
Let us know what we can do to help you along the way
On this journey so that on a healing path you stay.
I know you have all the strength that it’s going to take
To overcome this disease and a full recovery make.

Cancer used to be a death sentence but it’s not so.
There’s so much more that the doctors and med experts know.
And when it comes to somebody who has a spirit like you,
There’s almost nothing that can keep you from coming through
The other side of your journey so completely strong.
The road may seem dark and winding, rough and long.
But don’t you worry, you don’t have to do this all alone.
I’ll be by your side whether in darkness or sunlight shone.

Keep your head up, don’t look down
You’ll kick cancer to the ground.
This disease will not beat you
That’s something it will never do!

Strength is something people don’t really understand
Until they’ve had to battle a huge monster like this.
You’ll have friends and family walk with you hand in hand,
But the strength you have is greater than hers, theirs, or his.
While you do not have to travel down this road alone,
It’s going to be you that truly comes through the other side.
And loved ones will come light the path with all the love that’s shown.
They’ll give you a shoulder to cry on when you want to hide.
You are not alone in this, you have family and friends.
But you also have yourself, and all your inner strength.
That’s what’s going to help you beat this thing in the end.
Your strength and loved ones who will travel for you to any length!

Love is all anyone who knows you could feel for you.
Nobody deserves this disease or fate, that’s certainly true.
It’s one of those evils in the world we may not understand,
And the best we can do is offer love and an outreached hand.
Prayers are flying for you to have a quick recovery
From every single direction: south, north, west, and east.
And the strength you will find, like a magical discovery,
Will help you overcome and defeat this evil beast.

I know how scared you must be and that you’re looking for answers.
And sometimes they never come when you’re dealing with something like cancer.
But you’re strong and smart and kind, and there’s so much love in your life,
That prayers are flying to Heaven that you overcome this time of strife.
If ever you are feeling lost, or as though your path is too dark,
Know you have allies and friends who on this journey will embark.

Cancer will not take you away,
You’re too awesome, you’re here to stay.
We won’t let this disease triumph,
You’ll kick it in the gut with “umph!”

People overcome things like this every single day.
There are many different things people will say.
But the most important for you to remember today.
Is that love can heal everything in every way.