Wishes for Recovery from Cancer

In these trying times,
you have been a true and brave individual.
Always keeping your head above water,
and looking forward and hopeful
in the face of harsh adversity.
I am proud to call you my friend
and I am here for you through thick and thin.
Your courage is boundless
and I am confident that the best
is now to come.

My deepest, heartfelt congratulations
go out to you.
The way you have conducted yourself
is nothing short of staggering.
Whereas many others would understandably shake
under the weight of all you have been dealing with
you have remained firm and steadfast.
You have embodied all of the qualities
that inspire the best in all of us.
Now that you are surely improving,
you have the opportunity for you to see life
more clearly than any of the rest of us.
I have no doubt you will take full advantage
of this unique and precious opportunity.

I have been right here with you this whole time.
I have tried to stay strong
and I don’t mean to make this about me,
but it’s been so hard seeing you suffer.
Now that I see you getting better,
the most immense wave of relief
washes over me. Not just for
my own sake of course,
but vicariously for yours. I always had faith
that you would get better. I really did.
Believing is one thing, though, and
really seeing this happen,
is something else entirely.
It’s nothing short of miraculous,
and I’m so glad to get to still be here with you
to watch over you as you
get the color back in your cheeks.

I had a lot of time as you’ve been going through this
to sit and think about how deeply I care about you
and how terribly unfair this whole situation was for you.
But I knew you would prevail,
and I knew your health would improve.
This unshakable faith has kept me going
all throughout this ordeal.
Now that you’re finally improving
I want you to know things are going to get better
and easier. I believe things will only
improve in your life, from now on.

Hope and faith are tricky things.
We want to hold on to them as much as possible,
but it’s so hard sometimes,
especially when dealing with health issues.
You know there were plenty of times
I just wanted to shake the doctors by their lapels
begging them for some easier answers
(or even just ask them to call us with lab results more quickly!)
This is all so fresh in our hearts and minds right now.
But just as you’re healing physically,
I know you’re going to feel better mentally about all of this.
It’s true what they say: time heals all wounds.
In the meantime, I am right here for you, and
I’m not going anywhere.

This last year has been a rocky road
filled with many unexpected bumps,
and even more highs and lows.
You’re finally on the mend, though,
just as I knew you would be,
and I couldn’t be happier to be here with you,
to celebrate your recovery.

Cancer becomes a hushed word,
when you’re dealing with
what we’ve been dealing with.
You almost don’t want to say it.
Now I want to shout it
from the rooftops. I want to yell,
“take that, cancer!”
I want to tell cancer off,
something fierce.
Because you did it.
You beat cancer.
Just as I knew you would.

My deepest, heartfelt
congratulations go out to you.
For your perseverance and bravery
in the face of a terrible menace.
We are so lucky and glad
to have you on the mend.

To my friend, on an occasion
that I would have never hoped to
have to celebrate,
but am so glad to be able to have reached.
You have accomplished so much,
and put on such a noble and brave face throughout.
I am proud to know you.

Through deep and dark difficulties,
you have sauntered through,
standing tall,
with the courage of a Greek God
(and the looks to match, too!)
Congratulations on your skillful,
determined recovery.