Friendship Quotes about Time

Time spent with friends isn’t time spent: it’s time wisely invested.

The best times in life are times shared with friends.

Time spent alone is important, but partly because it allows you to know yourself better. Being friends with yourself allows you to be better friends with others.

Friendship makes any hurdle possible and any hard time bearable.

Time spent with friends is time you get back ten-fold. Odds like that could change your life in Las Vegas.

Investing time into a friendship is one investment you can count upon forever. No bank offers a deal like this one.

Even failed friendships were not a waste of effort. While they’re sad and sometimes leave you feeling bereft, the fact is that as time passes, the bad times will fade and the good times remain.

One should never regret a friendship, even one that does not last. Every friend who comes into your life changes you and teaches you something. As time goes on, you will find you have learned your best lessons from your friends, new and old, and those lessons are the ones that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Time might fly when you’re having fun, but never fear: fun and great friendships make the hours last forever in your heart.

Time with good friends flies by; memories of those times live forever.

Hours with good friends are rare pearls; times spent in good friendships are priceless treasures.

Friendships grow in depth and breadth with the passage of time.

Friendships are sometimes like rivers. They can shrink and narrow over time, and then eventually expand and become full and strong again. These changes are normal; the thing to remember is that the river, like time itself, continues flowing.

No matter how busy your life may be, take a little time away from your own concerns and invest it, instead, into helping a friend. The time you give away in this manner is not time lost to you. Rather, it is returned to you in exponentially greater ways.

Old friendships aren’t meant to be kept in the closet and preserved like expensive designer clothes. They should be taken out, worn, and enjoyed like a pair of favorite jeans. The passage of time and the marks of experience make them that much better.

Time with old friends is time never wasted
New friends declined are treats left untasted.

The passage of time, like a crucible, boils friendships down to their truest essence and shows you how strong and important they really are.

Don’t be afraid to give some of your precious hours away to supporting a friend. Friendship is never a loss of time; it’s a way to preserve and honor it.

Have you ever mixed up bread dough and left it to rise… and then come back to find it’s surprisingly expanded and exploding on your counter in a joyous mess of life? That’s a lot like the experience you get when you invest time and energy into your friendships. Almost before you realize it, the time you put in will expand in every direction and become something much larger than you ever imagined.

Friendships don’t expire- they inspire.

Time is a catalyst that tests friendships. Those that get better with age are to be treasured.

When you think you don’t have enough time for your friendships, you need to spend less time thinking and more time calling your friends.

A true friendship is one where you never “have” to make the time to see one another. Instead, you can’t wait to put in the effort.

Time may pass quickly, but so do our sorrows.
The best kind of friend will see you through to tomorrow.

As you get older, time goes faster, children get rowdier, and friends get better.

Time spent with friends is one investment with a guaranteed return.