Wishes for Recovery after Illness

I have always thought you were strong
and watching you battle this illness has only
made me think you were even stronger.
You are my hero.
As you begin to heal, know that I will be by your side
like you have always been for me.

It’s been hard not seeing your face every day,
we miss your smiles and the laughter you bring.
But we are so glad that you are healing,
and look forward to the time
that we can all be together again.

When I see you,
I can only send my thanks for answered prayers
that you are recovering from your illness,
and that soon you will be healthy.
I am grateful for the miracles
that have kept you safe with us.
And I pray that you heal quickly and painlessly.

This has been a difficult time for you and your family.
Now, the tide has turned, and as you have conquered this illness,
we wish you the strength you need to recover.
May your days be filled with the love of friends and family
and the care that you have always shown to others.
May you be showered in generosity and laughter
like you have always shared with friends, family and loved ones.
We are so glad you are healing,
and we look forward to many more years of sharing your light.

The time for tears of fear and worry have passed,
as you have won the fight with illness.
Now is the time for tears of joy,
as you prepare your journey of healing
and return to the active, loving life you have.
If there is anything we can do
to help bring you comfort, joy, and peace
during the days ahead,
you need only ask.
Know you are loved, and that you are in our hearts and prayers
during this healing time.

The first battle has been won,
and you’ve conquered your disease.
Now comes the battle to return
to the place where you began.
As you begin to work toward this place,
you are in our hearts,
you are in our prayers,
and you are loved every day.

Healing is often the hardest part
of an illness.
Though you still have a long road
in front of you,
The first and hardest step
has been completed.
As you continue to the second step,
know that we will be there
by your side
to help you complete your journey.
You are loved.

I prayed a hundred times
that you would get better.
Now that you have begun to recover,
healing will be difficult.
As you do the work
to return to your healthy self,
I will continue to pray a hundred more times
and be there for you with anything you might need.

You are a hero
a warrior
a champion
In the way that you’ve battled this disease.
Now as you begin to heal,
you are a role model,
a fighter,
and a friend.
You are in our prayers,
our thoughts,
and our hopes.
We love you.

Before you were sick, you were strong.
When you were diagnosed, you were brave.
As you fought your illness, you were cheerful
when you won, you were graceful.
As you begin to heal, you are determined
Every moment of your life you are loved.

It has been a long road
of diagnoses and treatments
hospital beds and needles,
endless days, weeks, months
waiting for the news to change
and for the healing to begin.
Now that we are here,
it is time to celebrate,
and time for the hardest work to begin.
As you start your time
of therapy
and rest
of new promises
and life plans
I wish you love
and help
and hope
and love.

You were loved before your illness
and missed though you weren’t gone.
You were celebrated as you fought and won
against odds so many couldn’t beat.
You are admired as you work so hard
to return to your strong self.
You are my hero every day,
In my prayers each time I kneel,
and always in my thoughts
especially as you heal.
I love you now and forever.