Friendship Quotes about Laughing

If laughter is the best medicine,
laughter amongst friends is a pure panacea.

They say it is better to have loved and lost,
than to never have loved at all.
But the truest joy in life
comes not from love itself,
but rather from the joie de vivre
that results from the heartiest guffaw
with one’s closest companions.

Laughing, loving, living,
none of these things happen
without some of the others.
All of these things
are crucial ingredients
in that funny and lively
thing called friendship.

In our modern age,
there is just too little
face-to-face interaction.
When the emphasis is on
interacting using a computer,
laughter gets lost in the shuffle.
Remember the importance of a good laugh,
and share one with a friend today,
in person.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
However many friends it takes
to walk into a bar,
screw in a light bulb,
and tell a few good jokes.

Some persons posit
that if world leaders
who claim to be friends
would just share a single laugh,
the world would be a better
and safer place.
We can practice that on a smaller scale
amongst our own pals.

Do something really great for yourself today.
Walk up to a stranger,
ask them for the time,
and tell them a joke
as a thank you.
You’ll know what time it is,
and you’ll have made a new friend.
Laughter is the very lifeblood
of any good and true friendship
and a sure key to forging a bond
that can withstand a lifetime.

The animal kingdom
is full of furry friends.
Some people think
that animals have no capacity
for laughter
and don’t know any good jokes.
I submit humbly
that these people are just plain wrong.
When you see a bird tweet to another,
or a lion let out a great roar,
or a monkey a hearty bellow,
remember these may not be mere jungle noises
but rather just as true laughter
as anything us mere mortals experience.

If an apple a day
keeps the doctor away.
A laugh a day
keeps nobody away.

Life is a long dark hallway
filled with tragedy and sadness at many junctures
so forget about your worries and cares
forget about the world outside
and just call up a friend for a good laugh.

Friends are the branches
of the tree of life,
and while a hearty chuckle
is a beautiful bud,
a good belly laugh
is a true flower.

and losing control of your bladder
sound like a good thing
but if a laugh with a friend
is hearty enough
to cause weeping
or other uncomfortable sensations
it’s well worth it.

The way to a man’s heart
is through his stomach
but the way to any person’s heart
is through a good laugh.

There’s nothing funny
about the seriousness importance
of falling on your face
every once in a while
just to give a friend
a well-meaning chuckle.

Sometimes you laugh so hard
you can’t stop yourself
and people might shush you
or ask you to leave
but it won’t matter
because you’re among friends.

There is no affliction
more poisonous
than a bad sense of humor
and no cure
more potent
than a good joke.

Whenever life
feels like a strange joke,
just remember
to ask your friends for the punchline.

The world is full of many unusual
and mysterious wonders
but none as mystifying
as what can make a person laugh.
The answer to this
is the basis of any true friendship.

As the spring of your youth,
turns to autumnal middle age,
remember that those who have
stuck with you
through good and bad,
are the very same people
who at your lowest moments
can make you laugh with glee.

Turgid friendships
taking on the weight of too much
familiar stress
need only
the puncture of a good joke
to relieve some of the pressure.

Dogged determination
and endless seriousness
can only get us so far.
A healthy sense of humor
whenever the situation calls for it
will take us the rest of the way.