Thanksgiving Wishes to Friends and Family

The earth turns cold as winter nears,
The days grow short — leaves disappear.
But with the season’s change there’s cheer:
Thanksgiving Day is almost here.
A day to sup with those we love,
A time to thank the Lord above,
But most of all, a chance to say:
You’re loved by me, in every way!

The turkey, dressing, pumpkin pie,
A feast beyond compare,
But nothing says Thanksgiving more,
Than time together shared.
Our hearts grow full, our tummies, too,
A blessed day is here:
And with it comes a chance to say,
I give thanks for you each year.

I’m not sure what cheers me most,
As Thanksgiving Day draws near:
The pumpkin pie? A turkey leg?
Time spent with those held dear?
For me, the answer’s never been
what’s placed upon the table;
A plate of this, a bowl of that
The gravy boat and ladle.
Instead, the thing I treasure most
Is time we spend together,
For in the end, it’s ties that bind
And hold us like a tether.

No one can ever take your place—
No matter what they say or do,
So on this new Thanksgiving Day,
I’ll tell you why that’s true:
Without you, as the months roll by,
The year might feel the same,
But life would have less meaning,
Were I never to call your name.
Thus on this very festive day,
As tables set and children play,
I send my love and all good cheer,
To say you brighten up my year.

The leaves fall down,
The air grows crisp,
As summer says goodbye,
And in its wake, an autumn chill,
The scent of pumpkin pie.
All fixings done, the table set,
Traditions all repeat,
But ‘til you’re wished a blessed life,
This day won’t be complete.

I’m thankful for the ones I love,
I’m thankful for my friends,
I’m thankful for my freedom,
And for hope that never ends.
So as fall leaves turn red and gold,
November winds in stories told,
I’d be remiss if I don’t say,
You’re loved on this Thanksgiving Day.

Celebrations come and go,
As years progress, they fly,
But still traditions take me back,
To times so long flown by.
Thanksgiving needs no presents,
It’s splendid on its own,
No spending spree or wrapping stress:
The gift is coming home.
Home to loved ones we hold dear,
All honored on this day,
And so I send my love and thoughts,
On this Thanksgiving Day.

Do I wish you Thanksgiving joy?
I’m sure you know I do!
I wish you food and love and bliss–
May good health be yours, too.
I’m filled with admiration,
For the things you say and do,
The gifts you give of time and love,
Are now returned to you!
I honor you for treating friends,
As sisters and as brothers,
Unselfish acts, examples set,
You help so many others.
So, as this celebration dawns,
A day that’s filled with pleasure,
I hope you know you’re loved the most,
By those who know your measure.

The winds blow hard and leaves take flight,
The sun peeks through the sky,
A bright day dawns to greet the world,
You know the reason why:
Thanksgiving’s come and brought along,
Traditions we hold dear,
And with each one, come memories
Of those no longer here.
So raise a glass and pass the food,
Rejoice in all good will,
And know that at this table
Your seat just can’t be filled—
By anyone but you because
As friends and family go,
You’re irreplaceable and loved,
Just thought you’d like to know.

It’s lots of fun to plan this day,
To set the table, cook and pray,
To honor pilgrim spirits bright,
And feast with loved ones into night.
But my Thanksgiving never ends,
Until I’ve recognized my friends,
And since your friendship means so much,
I couldn’t wait to get in touch.
My thoughts are pretty simple:
That as I go on living,
Your presence in my life,
Makes every day Thanksgiving.