I Love you Quotes to Boyfriend

With all my heart, I give to you everything I have, everything I am and everything I will be. With all my heart, I accept everything you have, everything you are and everything you will be. Together, we make each other stronger than we are. Love binds us together.

The day I found you and you entered my world was the day my life first had meaning. No longer was I drifting through, settling for whatever came my way. Now my life has purpose and the purpose is you. I love you!

Kisses soft as whispers. Smiles bright as sunshine. As we share the summer of our days, you warm my soul with love. Thank you for being my other half. I love you!

Hey there handsome. You whistled your way into my heart as I hummed a solo melody. Now, together, we create a relationship of loving harmony.

I was looking for someone to share my life. After several stops and starts, I was at the point of giving up. Then, you walked into my life and my search was over. With you, I am complete.

Did you see me there, standing on the side lines? Did you hear me there, whispering in the dark? Did you feel me there, reaching for forever? Heaven must have decided you were exactly what I needed, because here you are with me. I love you.

Wanted: A strong man who knows how to be gentle. A wise man who knows how to be silly. A serious man who knows how to laugh at a good joke. Wait a minute … I already found one! I found you!

Love is a four letter word. Such a small thing to indicate such huge feelings. Don’t you think something that feels this big would have a larger word to describe it? I love you says it all.

Hey there Cowboy! Why don’t we mosey into the sunset together? Sure would make a fine picture. You, me and a couple of horses. What more could you ask for? Love is ours for the taking.

You fan the flames of my ardor and heat up my desire. I need a fireman like you to the care of my burning fire. With love and affection, we can prevent a conflagration.

Fishing in the waters of romance, you set your bait with a heart full of love. As I snag you line, I know you are the one for me, so I give your hook a yank and let you reel me in. You land me in your arms, where I am content to spend eternity.

Officer, I think you caught me speeding, straight into your arms. Lock me up tight and take the key to my heart. I’ll spend my life trying to prove my intentions are innocent and you can give me your love for safekeeping.

My Momma told me that, until I find a man who would love me as I am, I needed to keep right on looking. Well, I think the search is finally over, because I found you. You make me laugh when I want to cry, and make me feel wanted when the world tries to shut me out. I think Momma would approve.

I’ll jump up in your pickup truck any time you say. We can run through the mud or soak up some sun, or just cruise around all day. So crank up the volume on the radio and place your hand over mine. As long as you are with me, everything is fine. I love you and you love me, and that’s all we need to be happy.

My granddaddy was a farmer. My daddy was one too. Just because your neck is red, and you sport a farmer tan, doesn’t turn me off one bit. Or make me look away. I was raised by men of the land, and that’s where I want to stay. I love you.