Thanksgiving wishes to Employees

“We are so thankful to have you as an employee and we hope that you have a wonderful holiday spending time with all of the people that you love in your life.”

“Happy Thanksgiving! We hope that you have a wonderful time off with the people that you love and mean the most to you. We’re so grateful that we have you with this company.”

“This year, we are thankful to have an employee that is as hardworking and dedicated as you. We hope you have an enjoyable thanksgiving with your friends, family and the ones that you love. Happy Thanksgiving!”

“This time of year, it is easy to think about our friends, family and loved ones. But, we wanted to take this time to think about all of our employees that we are so grateful to have. Thank you for being an excellent employee- have a great Thanksgiving.”

“We hope that you take this time to spend with your family and loved ones. Enjoy the time that you have with them and don’t think too much about work. We’re thankful to have you.”

“Throughout the year, we sometimes forget to let all of our employees know how grateful we are for our employees like you. So, we’re taking this time to show you how thankful we are. Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving.”

“An employee like you is something to be thankful for always, but we are especially thankful for you at times like these. Happy Thanksgiving!”

“We hope that you have wonderful time with your loved ones, eat to your heart’s content and take a break from working so hard for a little while. Here’s to a happy Thanksgiving for you and the ones you love!”

“Happy Thanksgiving to an employee that we are always beyond thankful for. You do so much for us that you deserve a nice, relaxing holiday with your loved ones.”

“Thank you for being such a great employee. We are so happy to have you on our team and we want you to have a wonderful holiday with the ones who make you happy. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!”

“Take time off, enjoy yourself and don’t eat too much turkey. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for us to show our gratitude for employees and we hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!”

“Happy Thanksgiving to an employee that is always doing things to make us thankful. You are wonderful in everything you do and we hope you have a great holiday with the people in your life who matter most.”

“We are always grateful for the things you do, but we want to let you know now how thankful we are for you. Have a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving.”

“Thank you for being such a great employee and an excellent asset to this company. We hope you have a fun, relaxing Thanksgiving that is filled with love and joy. Take time for yourself during this time of year and know that we are thankful for you.”

“We hope you have a happy Thanksgiving, we are so thankful for you and all of the things that you do here. You deserve some time to enjoy your loved ones and have a break.”

“Have a Happy Thanksgiving. This time of year always helps us realize how grateful we are for employees like you. It is a great time to reflect on all of the things you have done and continue to do for this company.”

“Thanksgiving is an excellent time to spend with your loved ones and not think about working, but here at work we want you to know that we are thankful for you. Thanks for being a part of our work family and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!”