Engagement Wishes for a Friend

You were the first of our friends to start dating, but the last to get engaged.
It’s not that you’re a late bloomer, you just waited for the perfect man.
I can’t think of a better guy than your new fiance.
Congratulations on the happy marriage that you’re about to start together.

The engagement ring you have on your finger is absolutely stunning.
Congratulations on finding a man with such an eye for style.
I never doubted that he had great taste when he started dating you.

There have been a lot of emotions from seeing my best friend get engaged.
On one hand, I am happy that you found someone that fits you so well.
However, I have to admit that I’m jealous that I haven’t yet.
I look forward to helping with plans for the most a beautiful wedding imaginable.

I’m almost as excited to be the maid-of-honor as you are for getting engaged.
The love between you and your new fiance is so sweet and honest.
He is a lucky man to have you by his side for the rest of his life.

You’ve always been so mature, caring, and wise beyond your years.
It doesn’t surprise me that you’ll be the first to get married.
You found a really great girl, and I wish you happiness in your engagement.

It seems like just yesterday that we spent every morning fishing in the boat.
You’ve added a girl to the mix, and she is as cool as it gets.
I hope you don’t forget about your friends now that you’re engaged.

Not many girls are lucky enough to say that they have a guy best friend.
I’m truly happy that you’ve found the perfect girl and gotten engaged.
She better know how lucky she is to have snagged a great man like you.

I think of you more like my brother than merely my best friend.
We’ve gone through every little thing together since we were teenagers.
I am so proud to see you get engaged and start to settle down.
One day I pray that I am as lucky as the two of you.

Marriage is the biggest commitment that you can make to another person.
No matter what happens, there is always a special someone there to be by your side.
Best wishes on your engagement, and a wonderful future together.

There are not many women out there that can put up with a crazy guy like you.
Your fiancee is a lovely lady with a great sense of humor to match.
May the rest of your days be filled with sweet memories and undying love.

It’s hard to look past our old party days to you making a lasting commitment.
You’ve made a few questionable decisions in the past, but this girl is special.
I don’t blame you for taking her off of the market as soon as possible.
The two of you make me hopeful that there is a soul mate for everyone.

I remember the days that we would share our dreams of finding the perfect man.
We wished on shooting stars and birthday candles for years.
You’re engaged to a great guy that worships the ground you walk on.
It is an honor to be your best friend and see your dreams come true.

The day you met your new fiance, I could see that you were inseparable.
I congratulate you on becoming engaged to your perfect girl.
It gives me hope for everyone to see two people so hopelessly in love.

Dating someone is as simple as going out and having fun.
Getting engaged takes the courage to commit the rest of your life to another person.
Congratulations on making such a huge step to ensure a loving future.
Your girl must really be amazing to finally tame my best friend.