Thanksgiving Wishes to a Lover

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude. The thing, or rather, the person for whom I am most grateful is you. You came into my life unexpectedly, and I know my life will never be the same. I love you and am thankful for your presence in my life.

How can you express your appreciation for the person you love the most? Thanksgiving Day is the one day out of the entire year when you are expected to say what or whom you are grateful for, but the truth is, I can’t go a day without expressing my thankfulness. You make my life worth living. Happy Thanksgiving, my darling.

I am grateful for my friends, and for my family. I am grateful for my job, and the amazing experiences I have had in my life. But most of all, I am grateful for the incredible person I have been blessed to spend my life with. I can’t imagine living any other way. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Your hair, your eyes, your laugh, your smile:
I’ll list them all, but it’ll take a while.
Your jokes, your sarcasm, your biting wit:
I’ll continue until you say, Babe, just quit.
You know I love you, and so I’ll say,
What I’m grateful for is you, my love.
Happy Thanksgiving Day.

I have so much to be appreciative of in this world, and every year, I swear, my list grows longer and longer. Last year, though, the list reached its pinnacle, and although it continues to grow, the person for whom I am most grateful has remained at the top of the list without wavering. You are whom I am most grateful for. Have the happiest Thanksgiving Day and know just how much you mean to me.

When I was younger, I was grateful most of all for the home-cooked meal and deserts I indulged in on Thanksgiving Day. As I got older, I began to appreciate things that mattered more: my parents, my family, the fact that I was in good health and fortunate enough to be employed. Now, I am truly grateful to be blessed with someone who matters most: you. Happy Thanksgiving Day to the person who truly makes this world a better place.

I’ve learned what it means to be truly appreciative. Having a partner like you, a friend when I need it, a lover who understands, has truly transformed my life, and our relationship is something I am forever grateful for. I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me on this day of thanks. Happy Thanksgiving, my love.

You know when you wake up happy because you’re in love with the person who is there beside you? That is what I am thankful for most this year. Happy Thanksgiving to the love of my life.

When you would be completely lost in life without that certain someone, that’s when you know you have someone to be thankful for. I love you. Happy Thanksgiving Day, my dear.

Thanksgiving Day lacked all meaning to me until the day I met you. Now, I have something – someone – to be grateful for, and my life will never be the same. Happy Thanksgiving.