Birthday Wishes to Mother

Mothers are angels: they hover over their kids, watching and waiting to help them whenever they are in need of a little miraculous assistance. Mom, thank you for being my guardian angel. May the heavens rejoice with you on this special day.

Mom, you taught me all the important life skills: how to brush my teeth with gusto, how to do my homework with care, how to say thank you with sincerity, how to cook with creativity, how to celebrate a victory, how to cry at injustice, how to laugh with happiness, and how to hug when there are no words to say. Most of all, you taught me how to love others as you have loved me. Sending warm wishes your way, Mom, on your birthday.

Mom, you know all those stupid things we used to do that drove you crazy? Well, it turns out that you were right. We may have gotten on your nerves, embarrassed you in front of the neighbors, and broken a few priceless possessions along the way, but we grew up to become almost decent human beings, all thanks to you! Happy birthday, Mom!

Mothers are unique creatures, characterized by a supernatural ability to sense discreet phenomena such as hurt, happiness, frustration, joy, grief and hope. The most astonishing and cherished trait of mothers, however, is their remarkable power to make everything work out in the end. Happy birthday to the most amazing mom in the world!

One day out of the year is not enough to celebrate the wonderful person that you are. You are celebrated every day, because I would not be the man I am today with you. Thank you for always being there to support me. Thank you for having faith in me. Thank you for encouraging me to follow my dreams. Happy birthday, Mom!

Mom, you were always a mystery to me. I never understood why you cried with me when I scraped my knee, or why you helped me add two plus three, or why you laughed at my jokes that were less than funny. I never understood you, that is, until I had kids of my own. Now, I realize how lucky I am to have a mom who cares and who helps me be the best that I can be. Thank you, Mom. Wishing you all the best on this special day!

Mom, you are simply inspiring. From you perfect sense of style to your ever-glowing smile, from your welcoming embrace to your understanding grace, from your advice so bold to your heart of gold, you are a tremendous blessing in my life. I could not ask for a more amazing mother! Wishing you a happy birthday!

Mothers are magicians. With just a few words and a bit of loving care, they can turn despair into hope and frowns into smiles. Mom, I hope you enjoy this special day! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Mom! You are a remarkable woman and the best mother anyone could ask for. I hope that this day is as sweet, pleasant and lovely as you are!

Mom, words alone cannot express how much you mean to me. You have always been there to encourage me, to give me advice, and to help me find my way. Your loving heart makes the world a better place for all, and I am honored to call you my mother. Wishing you a wonderful birthday!

Baking the world’s best chocolate chip cookie was quite a feat, but raising me was an even greater challenge. Somehow, you managed to accomplish both! Happy birthday to the most amazing mother in the universe!


From my infancy to my adult years, you’ve been there for me unconditionally. And, I hope you will be there for me during my golden years. I am never too old for your help, guidance, and support. Happy Birthday, Mom.

Happy Birthday, Mom! Now, if you can pardon the burned oatmeal, under easy eggs, and very extra crispy bacon that I made for your breakfast in bed, your special day will be off to a perfect start!

You are a WONDERFUL mom with a BIG heart, and you have always been there for me. You have been supportive and nurturing on my best and worst days. But, when it comes to cooking, you’re completely DISASTROUS! Happy Birthday, Mom!


You’ve always told me that anything is possible. In fact, you said that if I study hard, I could become President of the United States. Well, it seemed that Barack Obama’s mother had once told him the same thing, and now, he’s the President of this country! So, I guess you’re right, Mom. Anything is possible. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have lots of homework to do. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Mothers are a strange breed. They change our diapers and spoon-feed us with little complaints. They wipe dirt and filth from our mouths, our noses, and our faces without question. And, they squeeze our cheeks in private or in public in front of friends and family with amusement and without any care in the world, much to our embarrassments. How strange indeed! But, despite their quirks, they are kind, loving, and giving, and they are blessed gifts to the entire world. Mothers are truly strange but WONDERFUL creatures indeed. Happy Birthday, Mother.


You’re really weird. You wear funny clothes of a retro era. Your lingo is like a foreign language—if you speak Klingon. And, don’t get me started on the cabbage patch dance. But, you are a fun person to be around, and I love being your daughter. You are such a cool mother, and “cool” is still in. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Geez, Mom! You nag me about everything! You get on my case about getting to school on time! You hassle me about not doing my homework! You bug me about not doing my household chores! Nag, nag, nag! But, I realize you do this because you care—you wouldn’t be my mother if you didn’t. So, mother dear, you’ve earned your right to nag! Happy Birthday, Mom!


When it came to eating right, you always told me to eat my vegetables, eat everything on my plate, and try different foods. Of course, I always ended up eating meat and potatoes, leaving my plate half-eaten, and consuming all those double cheeseburgers and large fries at fast food joints. But, if you hadn’t EVER told me to eat healthy, I wouldn’t be a vegetarian. Happy Birthday, Mom!


You’re always keeping pictures of the entire family, especially of me when I was little. Here’s a photo of me when I was at my 5th birthday party. Hey! Here’s a picture of me in a huge afro. And, look! Here’s a portrait of me in french braids, which you made yourself. Well! Get a load of me wearing that funny hat that you knitted for me. Stop embarrassing me, Mom. Happy Birthday!


You’re like a cartoon character. You act like Bugs Bunny when you like to joke around at the dinner table, like Daffy Duck when you’re frustrated, and like Porky Pig when you’re in a cheerful, inviting mood. But, you know what, Mom? You’re MY cartoon character. Happy Birthday, Mom.