Retirement Wishes For Mom

Mom, during my life I’ve watched you work so hard
You always wanted the best for all of us
You’ve earned your right to a lifetime of rest
So that’s why we’ve decided to make a fuss

And let you know how wonderful you’ve been
As a mom and at your career
Congratulations on your retirement mother
We are so glad that we have you near.

It’s time to reflect on the career of our mom
She worked hard at her job but was always there
To show us the ins and outs of life
To let us know that she was there.

As you retire, mom, remember you’re loved
And you’ll always have something to do
Because your children will always need your love
And they will always need you.

Retirement means you’ve worked so hard
That they don’t think you need to ever work again
That’s definitely a description of our mother
Our confidant, our very best friend

We’re so proud of you for being successful
But more than that we’re proud you’re our mom
You’ve worked hard enough in your in the past
So take it easy from now on.

It’s time to settle down and take it easy
You’ve worked too hard all these years
Our mom is our very best friend always
She’s made us laughed, she’s wiped away tears

So we gather together to celebrate
All the hard work that she put in all this time
I’m so happy you can rest awhile now
I’m proud that when God chose my mom, he chose mine.

Look back on all the years you’ve worked
Be proud of all your many accomplishments
What you’ve contributed to your family
Will always be the greatest gift.

Cause no matter how hard you worked
When it came to your kids, you were never too tired
So we hug you today and celebrate your career
As you gracefully and deservedly retire.

You may be retiring, mom,
but your work is never done
Of every job you’ve ever had
You will always have to keep just one.

That’s the job of being the best mother ever
The job of making your kids feel so blessed
To have been a part of your life
To have flown out of your nest.

My mom retires very soon
We’re all wishing her the best
She’s worked so very hard all these years
That she deserves a little bit of rest.

But we’ll always need your guidance, mom
We’ll always need your love.
Happy retirement now and always
And from your kids, please accept this warm hug.

The job of mom will never end
But your daily job has now come to a close
We present you with congratulations
And hope you will always know

That we were so proud of your hard work
And we always look up to you
No matter how how long you’re retired
Your work as mom is never through.

Thank you mom for your years of sacrifice
You juggled family and work so beautifully
When you came home and gave us hugs
We watched as you moved so gracefully

To show us what love is really made of
To show us the value of hard work
So enjoy your retirement mom
It’s something you have definitely earned.

My mom is the greatest woman in the world
She’s retiring in just a short while
We will celebrate her lifetime of hard work
Because she always went the extra mile

To balance life, love, family, and work
To show us the way that life is meant to be lived
We thank her for all her sacrifices
And a big congratulations is what we give.