Retirement Wishes For Grandfather

Whatever you have seen, whatever you have done, continue looking forward to the next one. Happy Retirement Grandfather!

Years worked are as much a gift to people as they are to wine! Realize and enjoy every sip. Enjoy your retirement!

After all of your long years of firm, steady and hard work
Finally, you get to put things off and lift your tired feet up.
Tell a joke (or listen), relax and pursue a special hobby .
Remember that this is one vacation that will not be stopping.
Plant a garden, walk a beach, greet old friends or visit a cafe.
Enjoy a light gathering with some very serious laughing.
Reflect positively on your retirement, don’t always look deep.
You’ve done a great deal and already earned your keep.

You have been a wonderful role model and inspiration for many years grandfather. You taught me the positioning and benefits of experience and responsibility. You are wished the best and you deserve a fun and relaxing retirement. Congratulations.

Remember when “age is just a number” meant more? Me either. Happy Retirement old man!

For he is a jolly good fellow, for he is a jolly good fellow, for he… oh wait a minute. Happy Retirement Gramps! You would think I’d remember the song… I’ve sung it more than you.

Happy Retirement Grandfather! You taught me that growing old teaches us that age does not always mean wisdom. Sometimes it means (yawn)… excuse me.

You have reached it, the beginning of your best years.
No more drama, it’s all contentment with few fears.
Future apprehensions just don’t mean as much.
It’s time for friends, tea, gardening and the such
Or if you feel so inclined relax, sight-see, be alone,
Smell the roses, take a walk or skip a small stone.
Whatever you do remember the wishes I sent.
And have a very happy, long and blessed retirement!

You are being sent the best retirement wishes Grandad! Remember you’re only getting better… and redder… and sometimes wetter.

Retirement is better than another opportunity to be young again. Time is no longer a matter of grave importance. The past is past, the present is a present and the future is sure. You get to live for and in the moment. Be wild and free Grandfather.

Is that a new wrinkle I see? Congratulations! Age increases value in the best of things.

Age is a gift… Oh, did I already use that one. Well Happy Retirement!

To celebrate your retirement I made you a cake. I did not put a candle for each year you worked as usual because this is the last year you had to. Besides I want you to enjoy it for this special occasion. Last time all that water ruined it. Those firemen were not playing.

Happy Retirement Grandfather. Enjoy your forever weekend. Do things you never had time to do. Concentrate on the important things in life, like the surplus of fishing poles, golf clubs and flower pots.

Age is more than a number. It is an experience. It is proof of a life lived. Have a beautiful retirement grandaddy! I love you!

Instead of an inspirational song I’m going to chant a once popular phrase (you may remember when it was). Long live the king… long live the king.. oh, hold up… longer live the king… :) Happy Retirement!

Happy Retirement Daddy! Remember to put as much effort into your retirement as you did into your career. Best wishes for a beautiful second breath!