Retirement Wishes For Dad

“Hey dad, you worked hard and it’s time to celebrate. When I was a kid, of course, I took the sacrifices of a hard working man for granted. Now that I’m one myself, I remember your example. You will always help hold me to a respectable standard. I will never stop valuing your inspiration. Congratulations on your retirement”.

“All those mornings of tie-straightening before you head out the door are no more! There’s no one I can think of that deserves a break more than you. I know your job wasn’t easy, but you never complained. Thank you for all the challenges you faced as a way to provide for your family. If I can be a father that’s even half as good as you, my heart will be at peace. I love you, dad!”

“You were always just my dad. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized there was a whole other world you entered into as you left the hose every day. You worked so hard and all I did was demand this and that. What a little brat. Anyway, sorry I waited until I grew up to tell you I appreciate all you did every day. There’s no way I would be able to cope with how hard you worked and still retain as much dignity as you did. Thanks, dad. I hope you have a great retirement”.

“I know you’re used to working hard for so many years, but it’s time to relax, Dad. Taking it easy doesn’t mean giving up. We want to see you enjoy life and be happy. If there’s anything we can do to help you take it easy in your retirement, we want to know. It’s our turn to take care of you, now. Looking forward to some good times with you, Pops. Life is not ending, it’s beginning a great new phase.”

“I am only starting out in the professional world, but I can imagine if I did this for another 30 years, that it would be quite an odd feeling to stop the routine. Don’t think your sense of purpose depended on your work, dad. We are so glad you have more time now to relax and do what you enjoy instead of always having to do for others. We celebrate with you today and we’re so proud of you!”

“Kids don’t understand why their dads don’t feel like playing when they get home from work. Now that I’m a grown-up, I can tell you I have no idea how you did what you did every day. Your gave your whole life so that we could live comfortably. My job is not as hard as your’s but I complain all the time. I never sensed any negativity from you. Your attitude was amazing. Congratulations on your retirement, Dad.”

“I can’t even conceive of your genuine humility. Most people can’t wait to show off and brag about themselves, yet you hid your accomplishments at work. You did a lot of things that made your company proud. All we saw was our Dad. We didn’t know how much you helped others, too. You never cease to amaze us. We love you, Dad. Happy Retirement.”

“Time to kick back, Dad. One part of life passed, but no need to be sad. More time for fun. Anything you’d like can now be done. We are so proud of you. Happy Retirement from your kids.”

“While for so many years you had checklists galore, now with retirement, an ongoing list of 4: 1) relax, 2) enjoy, 3) unwind 4) explore. Happy retirement, Dad!”


“ On this occasion of your retirement, If your kids could make just one wish for you, I’d be that you realize the value of all you do. Your life is not in the past tense now that you’ve ceased to be a worker man, in this moment, a new phase began. We’re so happy for you, so don’t be blue. We love you old man, we certainly do.”