New Born Baby Wishes from Parents

Do not take this as an insult, but your daughter is the most beautiful baby ever.
She has a big, beautiful smile and the softest curls of hair.
I’m so proud of you for giving us such an adorable grandchild.

It’s hard to believe the amount of pride a grandparent has.
Seeing our granddaughter on her day of birth is truly exciting.
She has her mother’s eyes, and her grandfather’s bald head.
Enjoy the first few weeks because they are gone so fast.

Your daughter has the laughter of an angel here on Earth.
It has been so long since we held a newborn baby.
Thank you for making us the proudest parents and grandparents in the world.

I pray that the life with your new daughter is as happy as the one we had with you.
There is a special joy in the first smile, laugh, and wobbly steps.
You’re going to be a wonderful mother with a life filled with love and affection.

It’s our job as grandparents to spoil your new baby.
We cannot help that she is an adorable little princess.
Congratulations on giving birth to a precious angel.
She will be wearing makeup and dating before you know it.

It seems like just yesterday we were in the hospital welcoming you to our family.
Children grow up so fast, but they fill your heart all along the journey.
You’re going to do a great job raising a beautiful daddy’s girl.

I cannot remember a time that I saw my son cry.
It touches my heart to see your life completed with a new baby girl.
She is as lucky to have you as I am to have the both of you.

The day you got married, I knew you’d start growing a new family.
Your mother and I are excited to become the cool grandparents.
Give your precious daughter everything she wants, or you’ll have to answer to us.

All of my babies were girls, but I always hoped for at least one boy.
Now that you’ve given me a grandson, I feel that my life is complete.
Thank you for continuing to bless our lives since coming into this world.

Congratulations on welcoming your new little gentleman.
We are proud to have a handsome prince carry on our family name.

Welcoming your first baby boy into this world is a blessing and a miracle.
You had a rough pregnancy, but this day makes it all worth the struggle.
If you ever need a break, you know you can send him straight to his grandparents’ house.

There has never been a sweeter moment than laying eyes on your chubby little man.
He was just born, but we can tell he is going to rule the world.
We can now say that we are the grandparents to a handsome baby boy.

You kept us in suspense about whether you were expecting a boy or girl.
We planned to love it unconditionally no matter which it was.
Now that we have each held your newborn baby boy, we are in love.
Take care of that sweet guy, and give him love from his grandparents.

We knew that your baby boy would be as gorgeous as his father.
I could not help but tear up seeing my newborn grandson in person.
We can admit right now that your father and I plan to spoil him until he is rotten.

Babies have that magical ability of melting hearts with their smile.
My newborn grandson is so precious that I can’t help but squeeze him.
Thank you for this sweet little blessing wrapped in a diaper.

In a strange way, becoming a grandparent was more exciting than being a parent.
We get to have all of the fun and spoiling without the frustrating parts.
Best wishes getting through the first few weeks of sleepless nights.