Congratulations to Sister on Engagement

Sister, I always knew you would find someone special.
I knew you would call me up, say he was amazing and wonderful and handsome and kind.
I just never knew I would agree.
Congratulations on your engagement!

Long ago, we discussed what he would be like. Handsome and tall, Kind and funny. Sweet, intelligent and crazy-in-love with you.
He’s all those things and now he has you, too, the greatest sister in the world.
I’m so glad you found him and can’t wait for him to join the family.
Congratulations! You’re engaged!

You’re smart, beautiful, talented, funny, kind, loving, gentle.
The guy who finally realized this did better than win the lotto – he claimed your heart.
I’m so happy for you, Sis. Congratulations on your engagement.

To my sister:
There have been lots of Frogs, but you’ve finally found your Prince. If anyone deserves a happily-ever-after, it’s you.
Congratulations on your engagement!

Dearest Sister,
The road has been long and not always easy. It’s been paved with heartbreak and tears, Mr. Wrongs and sometimes, full-on dead ends.
But now you’ve found each other.
The road will still have its twists and its turns. There may still be hardships and trials. But together, you can get through them.
Congratulations on your engagement!

I think I knew before you did that he was your Mr. Right. It may have been the far-off look in your eyes after your first date, or whenever you said his name. Or maybe it was the way he looked at you like you were the only thing in the world that mattered, or the way he held your hand and kissed it when he thought no one else was looking.
You two were made for one another, Sister. And now that you’ve found your Mr. Right, I hope you’ll enjoy a lifetime of happiness.
Congratulations – you’re engaged!

To my Sister,
There were no poisoned apples or kisses that broke curses. There were no dragons to battle or witches to outsmart. No magic spells or glass slippers. But that doesn’t make your love less true.
Congratulations on your engagement. May you have your very own Happily Ever After.

You met. You kissed. You fell in love.
He asked you to marry him. You said yes.
As you start on this marvelous journey, may every moment be more beautiful than the last.
Congratulations on your engagement, Sister.

Sweet Sister,
You thought you would never find love. That it would never be yours.
But God brought someone into your life who is Godly, handsome, funny and kind.
All the things you ever wanted. The qualities you hoped for and prayed for.
Your family likes him and your hearts are entwined.
Your wedding swiftly approaches and all I have to say is:
Congratulations! You’re engaged!

To my sister:
He’s everything you always wanted and nothing you ever expected. He’s smart and funny. The one who helped you through every breakup and gave you a shoulder to cry on. You said you weren’t interested, that you were only friends.
Aren’t you glad that you were wrong? I’m so glad you finally realized what was right in front of you all along.
Congratulations on your engagement!

There were the jerks, the liars, the cheaters. The nice guys and good kissers who just weren’t quite right. And now you’ve found the one who made every wrong turn worthwhile.
Congratulations, Sister, on your engagement!