I love you quotes for Her

I love you so much that my happy place is being so close to you that our eyelashes intertwine.

I always try to be as close to you as possible so your thoughts won’t fall to the ground. That’s my excuse. Or, if you don’t believe that, I love you.

When my pillow smells like your shampoo, I wake up happy. When I see your hair touch the pillow at the end of the day, I go to sleep smiling. Thank you for keeping that cycle going, my darling. I love you.

I saw a movie about a haunted house. There were ghosts, chairs moving, doors slamming, and all manner of paranormal. It made me think of you. Why? Because everything makes me think of you! I love you. Promise me that we’ll move out if we move into a house with ghosts.

A friend of mine asked me what color your eyes were. I couldn’t answer him. He said it meant I was only attracted to you physically. That wasn’t it at all. I just couldn’t translate. Your eyes are the color of a swimming pool I want to float in forever. Every time I look into them I want to dive deeper into your spirit until its warmth surrounds me like velvet. Love makes people have crazy thoughts. I love you so much that, to me, your eyes are the color of a velvet swimming pool. Your driver’s license says blue.

I believed I’d fallen in love for the first time because everybody began recognizing me and my first girlfriend as a couple. She was the first girl who was ever willing to spend that much time with me. The next time I thought I was in love had nothing to do with anything or anyone but me and her; we told each other we loved each other, and in the moment we believed it. That made the first time seem, in retrospect, immature. It wasn’t until I met you that I realized that love doesn’t even have anything to do with the two people in the relationship, much less those outside it. People talk about love at first sight. They debate whether they believe in it or not, but the debate is only caused by the language used. With you, it wasn’t love at first sight. Love preceded the first sight. Everything I’d ever done dropped me directly into your arms. I loved you immediately. I loved you so much I wasn’t even sure it was true love. I wasn’t even sure it was a real feeling at all. Just as my second love made my first seem immature, this love with you makes everything before it seem completely invalid. The symphony of our togetherness makes everything before it seem like a dog playing a flute. I couldn’t believe how hard and quickly I fell into you. And that was the first time I actually knew I had fallen in love. There’s no believing or thinking involved.

The heart on Valentine’s Day cards looks nothing like a real anatomical heart. It’s not supposed to, though. It expresses something different. The heart on the Valentine’s Day cards just signifies Love. The anatomically correct heart would be a much more serious, if gruesome, symbol. It would mean that the person is your life center and you could not live without her. I heart you in both ways. I’m glad Cupid didn’t miss.

I love you so much that the words just fail to

If two cardiac cells are touching in a Petri dish, they will almost immediately start beating in unison. They won’t stop doing so until they are separated. On a multi-cellular level, you are my Pacemaker. I love you. Let’s beat together in a dish.

If I had to choose between spending an afternoon being with you or piloting a helicopter, I’d make the same choice every time. Besides, I don’t even know how to pilot a helicopter.