Friendship Quotes about not Talking everyday

I haven’t seen you in years. We haven’t spoken on the phone since last fall. We didn’t have a falling out; we just moved to different places. Now you have your life and I have mine. I see on your social media pages that you are happy, and I’m happy for you. Let’s talk again soon.

If I talked to you every day we would have a completely different relationship. You have always been such a good friend to me, and it’s mostly because we are just so much alike. I already talk to myself constantly! I’ll talk to you soon.

Remember when we used to have dinner every Thursday after work? It was the highlight of the week. There’s no need to talk to someone on a daily basis when they can make your whole week without it. Thank you for that. See you Thursday.

Just because we don’t talk every day doesn’t mean you aren’t always in my thoughts. I saw something that made me think of you, as I often do, and finished my afternoon with a smile.

Two hundred years ago I wouldn’t have four devices within arm’s reach with which I could talk to you immediately. Now I do. I’m sure you’d always be happy to hear from me. Don’t be afraid to make contact. Even if you need to use the Pony Express.

If all the world is a stage and we are always playing roles, are we always just delivering lines? It may be just that you and I are not doing a matinee on a daily basis, but I never forget my lines when I’m with you. It helps with the stage fright. Let’s keep rehearsing.

Have you ever been in a roommate situation where one day you find yourself seething at your roommate silently for no reason other than you just saw him yesterday? I am glad that won’t ever happen to us. Let’s get together sometime.

We don’t talk that often, but I always feel connected to you. I know exactly where you are when you read this note. I know exactly how you’ll react. I know exactly what you had for lunch. I know what you had for dinner last Thursday. I was only there for the dinner, but I’m glad I know you that well even though we don’t see each other every day. Let’s do lunch sometime so I can be there for that too.

We used to see each other every day and talk for hours. The inside of my brain has a missing tile since you moved away. I’m glad that we can pick up right where we left off whenever we do speak. Next time I see you I’ll bring a tile in case you feel the same.

You are hundreds of miles away from where I write this note. We are a lot older now than when we first met but you are no less a part of my life. Thank you for always being there for me whenever I needed you. I hope our paths cross again soon, my friend.

We grew up together. We share so many memories of so many good times, and of just as many bad. We went different ways when we became adults. There as at least one drop of your color in the bucket of my personality. Let’s mix the bucket up sometime and see if we can swirl the drop a little.

My boss expects me to talk to her every day, and she’d probably fire me if I avoided her a whole day. I’m glad you won’t fire me if we miss a day or two. Thank you.

You know how I can tell we are good friends even though we don’t talk every day? I know the name of your wife but not the name of your lawyer. I’m glad it’s not the other way around.