Congratulations To New Parents

“I know being new parents can be stressful, but you’re really naturals at it. The skills come by themselves. When you are loving people as you both are, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Congratulations! You’re already showing your excellence as parents and it will only improve with time.”


When angels were doling out souls from heaven, they new exactly who to give this beautiful little baby to. What a wonder to see you two expand into a sweet little family. We’re so happy for you!”

“The stork dropped a bundle of joy in just the right place. I couldn’t think of two people that deserve a beautiful baby more than you two. I am looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you will experience as a family. Congratulations!”

“I know it took a while for your baby to come, but you never lost faith and neither did we. At last your prayers are answered. You got a little angel to take care of. This is the cause of a great celebration. We’re so happy for you!”

“Almost anyone can make babies, but it takes special people to become mommies and daddies. You have what it takes. As time goes by, being parents can be tricky, but your hearts are sure to always remain in the right place. May your new little family always be blessed.”

“No one really understands if they are making the right decision until they are faced with the consequence. In the case of your becoming parents, your love ripples out into the world with this great little one. I am looking forward to seeing you and your baby grow together into new people that will be a great benefit to the world.’

“It’s natural for new parents to be a little nervous. That’s ok, it shows you care. But, take it from someone with lots of mom practice already, you really seem to know what you’re doing and it will only get better as time goes on. Congratulations!”

“I know you’re tired and overwhelmed right now. Being a new parent is not easy. Just wait and see how naturally things adjust. You can do it! Hang in there. We’re so happy for you!”

“I know you’d do anything for a break, but take it from an old lady, these times with your baby are precious. They won’t be little forever. Cherish this time with all your heart. You have it within your heart to be a powerfully caring mother. You have the strength of heart to nurture your baby into someone very special.”

“ This moment of time where you are the parents of a little one are precious. Holding their little hands, it feels like you’re holding onto your whole world. Looking into their eyes you can see eternity. What a lucky soul to be guided to you. You will be great parents. Beat wishes now and always.”

“Tiny feet are your’s to hold, more valuable than gold. The time with your baby is dear. Change is always near. Keep your head clear even when crying is all you hear. Congratulations to you, mom and dad. This will be the best time in life you’ve ever had.”

“New parents shine with wonder at the joy that’s come into their lives. Those who know the sacredness of it glow like heaven. I can see that look in your eyes. You realize this is a great gift from God. We’re so happy for you.”