Congratulations To Daughter On Her Engagement

Our sweet little girl has already grown into a mature lady.
Your new fiance is a great guy, and we cannot wait to welcome him to the family.
We will do everything we can to ensure a beautiful wedding celebration.
Best wishes for the life you are ready to start together.

I cannot help but see an image of my younger self when I look at you.
There aren’t words to explain how proud I am of my only daughter.
I’m relieved that you waited to find the right guy to get engaged to.
I express my sincerest congratulations because you two are great together.

No father is ever happy to give away his daughter’s hand in marriage.
The day your fiance asked for my blessing, I almost broke down in tears.
There is no other guy I could choose to support and love you the way he does.
Congratulations on being lucky enough to find your other half.
It will be an honor to walk you down the aisle on your big day.

The memories of teaching you to stand cannot be erased from my mind.
It’s hard to admit that you’re not a little girl that needs me anymore.
I cherish the times that we shared when you asked me for guidance.
Best wishes on your engagement and the happy road you are about to begin.

If there was anything that I could give to you, it would be a life full of happiness.
I’m glad that you found love in an accomplished man with a big goals in mind.
The news of your engagement deserves a serious congratulations to my only daughter.
You deserve success, a bright future, and a beautiful family of your own.

Your father and I knew this day would come eventually.
Best wishes on finally becoming engaged to your sweet, caring boyfriend.
The two of you have our blessing and all of the support you may need.

It is difficult to imagine my little tomboy daughter in a fancy wedding dress.
No matter what happens, I’m here to support you the instant you need anything.
Cheers to growing into a lovely woman with a life all her own.

You and your new fiance deserve the blessing of your mother and I.
We can see how much you care and bring out the best in one another.
My only wish is that you make it last through the good times and bad.
Congratulations to the present and future that you two choose to spend together.

The engagement of my daughter brings many emotions, both good and bad.
I’m happy that you found a person that completes the person that you are.
However, I pray that he never hurts you or treats you wrong.
Congratulations on making the commitment to every high and low that a marriage can bring.

It’s truly a miracle that you have found a guy that loves you more than your parents do.
Your new fiance has supported you through years of positive and negative things alike.
We are truly amazed at your ability to love each other through it all.
Congratulations on finding your perfect love, best friend, and future husband.

Every little girl dreams of meeting a strong guy to hold her tight.
You used to dress as a princess in anticipation for your prince to show.
It took many years, but all of your wishes have finally come true.
Congratulations on the engagement to your charming, sweet man.