Birthday Wishes for Wife

I have loved you since the first moment I saw you. You are kind, caring and generous and have blessed my life by being in it. I hope you have the happiest of birthdays.

May your day be filled with fun, joy and happiness. This is your day. You deserve to be treated like a queen. Happy Birthday, my wife. I love you.

We celebrate birthdays each and every year. Sometimes the celebrations are extravagant. Other times, they are quieter. What I try to do is show you how much you truly mean to me. A birthday is a blessing. It marks another year. Yes, you are one year older, but it is one more year we get to spend together. Happy Birthday.

I see your beauty in even the smallest things – a flower, a butterfly, an evening sunset. I see your vibrant personality in our daughter. I often look at the two of you together and wonder how I became so lucky. You have given me everything, and I am so blessed to have you in my life. On your birthday, I hope to show you how much you mean to me. I wish you nothing but happiness in the coming year, and I hope you know how much I love you.

Birthdays are a chance to celebrate. They are a chance to have fun with the ones you love and a chance to look back on the past year. Be sure to live it up today and know that I will always love you. Have a happy, happy birthday.

I wish to you joy, laughter and fun on your birthday. This is your special day, and you should live life to the fullest. Happy Birthday darling.

There are many people who assume that I would forget your birthday. Yes, I forget to pick up milk on the way home. I forget to feed the dog, and if you give me a list of 10 tasks to accomplish, I usually forget at least half of them. I lose my car keys on a daily basis, and I am often late to wherever we are going. I sometimes even forget to say “I love you” when I get home from the office. However, there is one thing I will never forget, and that is your birthday. This is the one day of the year that I can show you how much you mean to me. You forgive my bad memory and hardly nag at me when I don’t do things right. Remembering your birthday and making it special is the least that I can do. I love you. Happy birthday honey.

Happy, happy birthday my darling wife. May your day be stress free and filled with joy and excitement. Don’t worry about the laundry or chores. Let me handle your responsibilities for today. This is your day to have fun and celebrate.

I am not going to try to impress you with a lot of cliques on how beautiful you are or how special you are to me. You know that is not our style. So I will keep it simple – Happy Birthday my loving wife. Now let’s party!

While I love you every day, there are certain days of the year where I want to show you how happy I am to have you in my life. Your birthday is one of those days. You shine brighter than any sun, and you fill my heart with joy. I hope this day is special for you. Have a very Happy Birthday.

You are the woman of my nights and the inspiration of my days. You are my wife, the lady for my lifetime. Happy Birthday, Darling.

I cannot imagine navigating the storm of life without you by my side. Come what may, we stand together as husband and wife. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

On my toughest days, in my most difficult moments, it is the thoughts of you that keep me going. I am so fortunate to call you my wife. Happy Birthday, My Love.

Over the years, people have come and gone but the one constant has been you and the love we share. Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Wife!

Today I celebrate the birth of my one true love and my lifelong friend. Happy Birthday, My Darling Wife.

What is the old saying, “Lucky at Cards, Unlucky in Love?” I knew there was a reason I can’t win at poker. Thank you for being my bride and my Queen of Hearts. Happy Birthday, Honey.

Sometimes when I see you fawn over our pooch, I get a little jealous even of our pet. But then you look up and I see your lovely visage, your deep beautiful eyes and your effervescent smile, and all my insecurities melt away. I remember how much we mean to each other and just how much I love you. Happy Birthday.

If I were Pygmalion, you would be my Galatea. If I were Paris, then a thousand ships would be in our pursuit. But as it is, I am a simple husband and you are my dear wife. Life is beautiful. Happy Birthday, My Love.

To my wife, you are my love and you are my life. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

Today you are as beautiful as the first time we met, when to you I lost my heart but gained the world. Happy Birthday, Dear Wife.

We have been together for so long as husband and wife, but our love is no less vibrant and wonderful as the first day we kissed and said “I do.” Happy Birthday.

You are my life companion, my lover, my bride. Together we suffer the ordeals of life and partake in the joys of living. Today I celebrate the joy you bring to my life. Happy Birthday, Dearest Wife.

I did not know how to love until you entered my life. Now, we are one and bound in marriage, and I cannot escape the fear of how lonely a soul I would be without you by my side. On your birthday, I wish us a long life’s journey together. Happy Birthday, Dearest.

When I look in your eyes, I see my past, my present and my future. My wife, you are everything to me. Happy Birthday.

I won’t compare thee to a Summer’s day, nor will I to an inconstant moon swear my love. No words that even Shakespeare penned can speak how much you mean to me. Happy Birthday, my Beloved Wife.