Birthday Wishes for Sister

Your birthday is an excellent time
To wish you nothing less
Than all the wonderful things in life
That bring you happiness.

You’re the type of sister
Who’s loyal, kind, and true.
You put an extra touch of love
Into everything you do.

Happy Birthday to a sister who is loved so much!

For my sister on her birthday:

Many years we’ve shared together;
Through life’s ups and downs you’ve remained true.
As time’s gone on we’ve only grown closer;
A best friend is what I have in you.

You give unselfishly to others,
Never expecting anything in return.
I hope your birthday brings you nothing but the best;
Happiness is what you’ve earned.

Through laughter and tears,
Joy and sadness,
You’ve been right by my side
Through all the madness.

You’re more than family,
You’re a lifelong friend,
My beloved sister you’ll be
Until the end.

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to a wonderful sister!

For a very special sister on her birthday:

Memories of growing up,
Sharing milestones with you,
Fill my thoughts on this special day,
A day to celebrate all that you are and all that you do.

Though miles may spread between us,
We’re never far apart,
For the bond between sisters isn’t measured in miles,
It lies within the heart.

I love the way you make me laugh,
Until I almost cry;
The way you listen to my fears,
And encourage me to reach for the sky.

Although we may not always agree
On every single thing,
I know you are my biggest supporter,
Having you for a sister has been such a blessing.

Happy Birthday, Sis!

Happy Birthday to a:


Sister who is loved and appreciated more than she’ll ever know!

Happy Birthday Sister,

Your kindness means to much to me,
Your humor makes me smile,
Your knowledge guides me through my troubles,
Your unselfish nature leaves me in awe.

I hope you always know how much you mean to me,
But in case I don’t say it enough,
I wanted to take this opportunity to say,
That you are the most wonderful sister,
And are special in every way!

There are many advantages to having such an amazing sister;
I always have a shoulder to lean on,
Someone to laugh with,
A built-in therapist,
Someone who understands my family and loves me anyway,
Who accepts my faults,
Encourages my dreams,
And simply makes me a better person.

Thank you for being such a wonderful sister and my best friend. Happy Birthday, Sis!

A sister is a lifelong friend,
One who knows your darkest secrets,
Your biggest dreams,
Your deepest hopes,
And encourages you to reach for the stars.

She’s the one who listens and understands,
Who cares just as much about your life as you do,
Who is there to rejoice with you in your proudest hour,
And embraces you at your darkest moments.

The day you were born was the best day of my life. Not only did I gain a sister, but also my most treasured confidant and best friend. I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are!

Another year of memories has come and gone,
Moments we’ll treasure when we’re old and gray.
Another year of opportunity lies ahead,
Moments that we’ll celebrate together and struggles we’ll support each other through.

Thank you for letting me share in your past, and I look forward to our future together as sisters and best friends. Happy Birthday!

From taking care of baby dolls to sharing parenting advice many years later, you have always been by my side as my sister and my friend. On your birthday, I am wishing you all the very best!

Who else but a sister is with you to celebrate every holiday, graduation, wedding, and especially every birthday? As your birthday draws near, I can hardly wait to celebrate yet another milestone with you. Happy birthday to my sister and lifelong companion. I can’t imagine life without you!

We made it through the hair pulling, the clothes stealing, and all of the other silly disagreements siblings have. After all of it, you are not only my sister, but my best friend as well. You deserve the happiest birthday!

To my dearest sister: though we cannot be together on your birthday this year, no amount of miles could ever keep you from my mind and my heart. I am with you in spirit as you celebrate your birthday. May it be as magnificent as you are!

Put on your finest; the time has come to celebrate YOU. A sister as incredible as you are deserves a very special birthday celebration. Thank you for being the best sister I could ever ask for or hope for. My greatest wish is for you to have a birthday celebration as wonderful as you are! Happy birthday, sis!

Happy birthday to someone who is smart, kind, funny, talented, and loving. Happy birthday to someone who is my best friend and my role model. Happy birthday to someone who is all of these things and more: my sister.

On your birthday, I am so thankful to have you as my sister. You are beautiful on both the inside and the outside. Everyone who meets you is blessed by your kindness and love. On your birthday I celebrate both your birthday and the woman you are. I am so proud to call you my sister. My birthday wish for you is that this next year is filled with nothing but the best!

Cake, ice cream, gifts, music, friends, and family. My favorite sister should have a birthday filled with all of her favorite things and favorite people. I hope your birthday is everything you could ever wish for, sis! Happy birthday and may there be many more to come!

From the time we were little children, I have always looked up to you. You have always been there for me with sisterly advice, a listening ear, and a comforting shoulder to cry on whenever I needed it. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me and all you are to me, but I can wish you the happiest birthday ever. You have all my love and all my best wishes for a very happy day!

I am not going to wish you a happy birthday. No, not just a happy birthday. My wish for a sister like you is for every day of the entire year to be very happy! I love you and wish you the best, sweet sister.