Wedding Wishes For Work Colleague

I wish you two every happiness, and that all of your hearts dreams come true. Let your feelings soar high with the eagles, and let your love rest on the wings of doves.

Let your marriage be peaceful, and you can celebrate a fifty year anniversary with no problem. I wish you two to always take the easy way out, and always make smart choices, too!

I wish that children will be born whom grow to know how amazing their parents are. Make them proud, and leave them a legacy.

May you two never be pressured and never doubt your spouse. Always show love and care, and wish each other the best at all times.

I wish the world will view you marriage as one that should be looked upon as a model of a true relationship. May the light of your love be as a billboard in the street.

Congrats! May the sun shine on your faces in the morning, and may the moon sing to you by night. I wish this marriage is like this wedding——great!

I wish the two of you will always be one; no matter how far apart, you two will always be together.

There is no more candles to blow out, because all of your wishes have come true this day.

I wish you two will always look ahead and never count your failing. Giving up on a marriage is giving up on oneself. How many times have you failed?

Everywhere you go, everything that you see, and everything that you are should be your marriage; this is the secret to success.

Let every single blessing on this earth come to you, and let you both be humble enough to receive it.

I hope your marriage is more satisfying than the wedding cake!

I wish that not only you two be married, but that both families would join together as one, too.

Like a rose, let your love blossom more than it already has; always trust each other and feel each others hearts every morning.

Most people only get married once, so enjoy this day, break the rules, and find life in the light of life.

I wish the joy you both feel today will last all the days of your lives. Seek happiness even in the bad times, and always know that good times are on the way…

I wish your future to be as bright as the wedding rings around your fingers.

As one book closes another book opens——let this book be filled with more adventure, more life, and more love. Don’t be afraid to open the book.

I have never seen a more beautiful couple! Keep this beauty, and I wish for all the world to see it.

Always love, always be stern, always show tolerance, and always speak piece. I wish you a happy marriage and happy days for the rest of your life.