Wedding Wishes For Wife

They say that love is blind,
yet today, I see you clearly
as the beautiful woman
with whom I wish to spend
the remainder of my life.

Whether we live for years in wedded bliss
or face trials we can’t even imagine,
I’m glad that on this day
I’m taking you
to have and to hold.

The day I fell
in love with you was,
at the time,
the best day of my life.

Today, I join with you
in holy matrimony.
Today is the new
best day of my life.

I love the way you walk.
I love the way you talk.

I love the way you brush back your hair.
I love the way you sit in your chair.

I’m happy today to be taking a vow
and promise to be yours forever now.

On the day your were born,
no new stars graced the night sky,
no angels sang, no new age dawned.

On the day I met you,
my world changed forever—
the stars shone more brightly,
birds sang more beautifully.

Today is the beginning of our life together.
I’m grateful for the way your life
has changed my own.

As I’ve grown to know and love you,
I’ve come to realize that I can’t imagine
living life without you.

I’m thrill to celebrate today
as our happy wedding day.

Your eyes,
your voice,
your touch,
your kiss,

Your life,
your love,
your heart,
your soul,

Your passion,
your wisdom,
your beauty,
your caring—

These are only the first dozen reasons
why I’m glad to be joining
my life with yours today.

The world is full of amazing women,
but I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life
with any woman that isn’t you.

As I reflect upon the path
of life that has lead me to you,
I can’t imagine anything more wonderful
than joining you as I continue
along life’s road.

Happy wedding day, my bride.

Some days bring nothing but joy.
Other days bring sadness and grief.
Today brings sweetness and relief
as I join my life with yours.

Love is a journey.
It begins with a look,
a word, a touch.
It may begin in a single moment
or grow so slowly that you don’t notice
until one day you feel as though
it’s always been there.

Today we embark on a new stage of love’s journey.
As I take your hand, we join our lives as one.
I can’t wait to spend forever
on this journey of love with you.

Your patience, tenderness and compassion
draw others toward you.

Your beauty on the outside shines
with a light from within.

Your life, now a part of mine,
brings joy to all you know.

I’m honored to be called your husband.

When I look at you, I am reminded
of all the things that love is—
patient and kind,
slow to become angry or judge.

On our wedding day, I pray
that I will be a man worthy
of all the love you have to give.