Wedding Wishes For Uncle

My uncle is a heck of a guy
During my life he’s made me laugh and cry
But love is always a pleasant mixture of happy and sad
It’s enjoying the good and accepting the bad.

My uncle’s wedding day will be beautiful
I know because I”ll be there to stare
As he begins his newest journey
He should know I’ll always be there.

Uncle I’m one of your biggest fans
You’ve taught me so much about how to live
You showed me how to accept gracefully
And how to generously give.

You’re beginning a new chapter in your life
As you become a new husband soon
I know my uncle will be the greatest guy
To ever be a groom.

Uncle, you’re funny, warm, and caring
You’re a true friend in times of trouble
I hope that on your wedding day
Your joy will be swiftly doubled.

I hope for you all the things you want in life
And then I hope for you so much more.
The path to happiness is just ahead of you
Smile and be joyful as you walk through that door.

You’ve enriched our family throughout the years
Helped us laugh through the saddest of times
You’re such an incredible man dear Uncle
Your wedding day is your day to shine.

To walk through the gates of happiness
With a big smile on your handsome face
As you travel toward your new role as husband
And take pride in your happy fate.

Uncles are strong folks
They are always close to our hearts
Soon my uncle is getting married
He’s making a brand new start.

With a woman our family loves
Just as much as we love him.
We’re here to support this beautiful union
Until time comes to an end.

My uncle is a man of honor
He’s a strength within our family
I’m so happy he’s getting married soon
And beginning his new life strong and free

To enjoy all the little things in life
With someone he loves very much
He’s smiling like a big kid today
Because sometimes love really is enough.

I wish for my uncle all the love in the world
During his great big wedding day
We’ll all be there to laugh with him
And perhaps steal some of his cake.

He’s going to be a husband soon
It couldn’t have happened to a better guy
He will be the best husband in the world
And his niece will do her best not to cry.

Love is joy and joy is love
Marriage symbolizes both love and joy
Uncle, you’ve helped me so much in my life
You were a role model to me when I was a boy.

I stand here with you on your wedding day
Knowing that only good things are ahead for you
Love, laugh, and be loved always
And I know your love will stay true.

I know you’re nervous about your big day
As you head toward a new life with your bride
That’s why your niece is here to say
She’ll always be by your side

Weddings are beautiful just like your heart
My uncle is a true inspiration to me
So on his wedding day I’m here
To help him make his big day nothing but happy.

My uncle is getting married
It’s so hard to believe how time flies
Our family has been through so many things
We’ve weathered so many trials.

So on your wedding day,
We’ll gather to show you just how much we care
Forgive us if we look a little too long
When a groom is so handsome, it’s hard not to stare.