Wedding Wishes for Teacher

You have spent so much time building not only the
minds of students, but their character as well. With
so much selfless giving, it is only fitting that you
should have a lifetime of happiness with your soul
mate. Congratulations to such an amazing and
deserving teacher and mentor.

There’s not enough words to express the impact you
have had on the children of our school. Let us share
in your happiness by wishing you only the best and
brightest future with your wonderful new spouse.

It is so wonderful that you have found a person that
you can share your amazing gifts with as a partner
and soul mate. As a teacher, you have shaped so many
lives and crafted some of the finest young people to
come from our community. Your special gifts and
blessings are deserving of eternal happiness.

Your gifts and blessings to our children as their
teacher have been so wonderful, that it’s only right
that you should get the gift of an amazing spouse to
share your hopes, dreams, and talents with for the
rest of your lives. May you be blessed in the
classroom and in your new home.

How many people can claim that they’ve built the
potential in a child? Your gifts and talents are
truly amazing and we are so proud to have you as a
part of our school. Your special day will mark a
lifetime of sharing the joys, challenges and this
roller coaster called life with the one you love.
May you be blessed as much as we have been by you.

Congratulations to a very special and wonderful
teacher on this most deserved occasion of joy and
happiness. May your wedding day be everything you
imagine and with the one that brings you all the
hope and joy in the world.

Thank you for being the best teacher I have ever
had! I am so happy and proud that you are getting
married to the person you love. I hope your days of
happiness will never end and you will always have a
heart full of joy!

I hope your spouse realizes what an amazingly gifted
educator you are, and how much you mean to all of
us. Your gifts have done so much for so many
children and now, I am so happy to see you getting
to share your life with the one person that fills
your heart with gladness!

As a teacher, you are used to selfless giving and
working for the good of others. These qualities are
exactly what is necessary by both in a marriage. You
are so blessed to have so many wonderful talents as
a teacher, and now you are being rewarded with your
soul mate. Congratulations on this wonderful

As far as teachers go, you are absolutely amazing!
But as far as your new partner in the journey of
life, I know you will provide happiness and love
that is unmeasured, and will surely get the same in
return. Congratulations on such a wonderful
milestone in your lives!