Wedding Wishes For Parents

I wish for everything to be perfect. A perfect cake, perfect flower arrangements, perfect decorations and perfect weather. Why do I wish for this? I only desire perfection for my perfect daughter.

Cost was never an issue for my daughter’s wedding. We wished only for her happiness. It is amazing how low cost happiness can be when everyone’s attitude is right.

My husband and I have been in a terrific relationship for 40 years. Our love for each other has only grown stronger over the years. He has been a wonderful companion through the good times and the bad. Together we raised four delightful children. My life has been indescribably better because of my marriage. Our only wish was that our daughter could experience the same. We believe that she is marrying the man that able to fulfill our wish.

Girls always daydream about their weddings. We have fantasized about them since before we can remember. My hope and wish is that my daughter can have her dream wedding. One should never give up on childhood dreams.

The first wedding was a disaster. The second was splendid, but the marriage ended horribly. We pretend that the third never happened. Now that she is going into her fourth I only wish that she can finally discover true happiness.

Our wish was always that our son would be happy. We consider it a wish fulfilled. Whenever he looks at her you can almost see a brilliant light glowing from within him. A smile touches his face and his eyes sparkle in delight. We will always be grateful for the happiness that you bring into his life.

Our first wish was to have a beautiful and healthy baby. Our second was that she would grow up to be lovely in every way. Our third was that she would get a good education and find a job that made her happy. Our fourth wish was for her to find the perfect prince to marry. All of those wishes have been answered. Now our final wish is that her marriage be blessed and that her perfect prince will continue to bring her happiness for the rest of their lives.

Some people say that fairy tales can’t come true. We wished otherwise. Our daughter’s wedding was a fairy tale come true.

I just hope that the in-laws leave us alone.

Love is truly a powerful force. It drives us when all else seems hopeless. It encourages us when we are down. It is the greatest companion in our times of loneliness. Love fuels our dreams. Love holds us together when everything else is falling apart. Our wish is that your love for each other will always be true, always strong and always persevere.

Love has been cruel to me. I gave up on love. My life spiraled downward accordingly. I can say in hindsight that I was a miserable person. I lost hope and began to despair. My daughter’s love for her fiancée is changing that. I see a radiance in her that is fueled by that love. I see her being truly happy. Love truly changes lives. Because of the love that I have seen my daughter display I am able to wish again.

Whenever it comes to weddings; you always hear about the fuss and the hassle. We wished for something different. Our wish was to focus not on the external, but the internal. Because of that wish, I can truly say that our daughter’s wedding was the best possible. I think that this can be used as a metaphor for life. Our new wish is that through the long years of marriage ahead of them, they are always able to focus on internal things that truly matter and ignore the distracting external details.