Wedding Wishes For Older Couple

To my good friends,
I’m so glad you’ve found each other.
I wish I could be there to celebrate with you in person,
but rest assured I’ll be there in spirit.
Sending you the fondest wishes for a happy and healthy marriage.

To the happiest couple I know
I thought I had witnessed true love and devotion
Then I saw the two of you together and realized
I didn’t even know what love was
You make the perfect pair
You inspire all of us around you
And I couldn’t be more pleased to celebrate your wedding
Here’s to a wonderful ceremony
And deep, prosperous marriage!

It’s all been leading up to this
Your most special day
And we’re so ecstatic
To be able to celebrate with you
To share in your laughter and joy
As we welcome you into blissful matrimony
Congratulations on your marriage!

When the best man raises his glass to toast your nuptials
We will be there
Glasses in hand
Arms raised high
Awash in excitement and glee
The thought of your marriage makes us elated
The deep connection you two share
The way you have of looking at each other
Fills us with immense joy
And for that, we are grateful
to call ourselves your friends.

The best part of knowing the two of you
Has been getting to know both of you as a couple
Your banter
Your presence
The way you exist as a couple
There’s no question in my mind
That you’re each others’ long-awaited soul mates
And nothing could make me prouder
than to be a part of your special day

I once heard a wise man say,
The best things in life are those
you wait the longest for.
I think he was talking about
the two of you.
Your long road to find each other
must feel to the two of you
like a proverbial pot of gold.
Except in this case,
this pot of gold is at the beginning
of what’s sure to be a beautiful
and lengthy rainbow.

Some people say that the only true spirituality
and religion or faith
a person can ever know
is in the love of their truest
most significant other.
When I look at the two of you
I can see the truth in that adage.
Now that you’ll be tying the knot
I can think of no greater gift for each other
Than the love you’ll most assuredly give one another
Congratulations on your beautiful marriage.

By the time you read these well-wishes
You’ll now be married
So don’t forget about the little people
those of us who stood by you
before you transcended to your incredible marriage
Which surely in all its splendor
Must represent a higher form of existence
We’ll be down here in the cheap seats
gazing up at your immense joy and love
And eternally happy and grateful to know you.

As children you both probably never imagined
That you’d take this long to find one another
But it just goes to show
If you keep your heart open
and keep looking
You will find the one you’re meant to be with.
And s I see the two of you
here today
I know that this is true.
You fill my heart with optimism and elation
just to see that two such amazing people
are so compatible and wonderful together.

Congratulations to a charming couple
We always knew we’d see you here
Up high on the altar about to wed
It’s very clear your love is never mere!