Wedding Wishes For Niece

Dear sweet niece, I have watched you grow up and mature over the years
Now, as your very own wedding day draws near,
I have so many good wishes to send your way
I want you to know how much you are loved on your big day
I wish you a life filled with joy and happiness
I want you and your new husband to be blessed
In every possible way: with children and wealth
With lots of fun times and with good health

You are my beautiful niece, and I adore you for the woman you are and will be
Your beauty shines from within for everyone to see
It is easy to see how in love you are with this man
I want you to feel all of the happiness that you can
Love him with all of your might and say the vows you will honor forever
I wish you nothing but a lifetime of happy memories together

I am so happy that you have found the one, my dear niece
I know that your heart has finally found joy and peace
I want your wedding day to be as beautiful as you are
This is your day to be the shining star
All eyes will be on you as marry the man you adore
I know you will enjoy every moment of what’s in store

A wedding day is a day to be shared among family and friends
I have so many good wishes that I want to send
Dear niece, I wish that all of your wishes in life come true
That you will only know happiness and good things, too
Work at your marriage to make it as strong as it can be
It will be worth the efforts and the benefits you will see

I am so amazed, sweet niece, at how wonderful you are and continue to be
You are a shining light for this family and always will be
Please know that you are so loved as you prepare for your wedding day
I have so many thoughts I want to say
A marriage is a commitment that I know you will honor in your heart
Talk to each other daily even when you are apart
Be best friends as you go through your life together
And you will enjoy many happy moments forever

As I sit here thinking about your wedding day
I am amazed by how much you have grown in every way
You have come so far in life and found your one true love
I know that the heavens are celebrating up above
I wish you joy and happiness as you enter into your marriage on this day
I hope that nothing but good times and excitement comes your way

I love you, dear niece, with all of my heart
I wish you nothing but life’s joys as your marriage starts
Know that there will be good times and bad to come
Use the difficult times, to learn from
Keep your heart open and love with all your might
You deserve the best of life in my sight

In my eyes, dear niece, you are still a young girl flitting around to play
It’s hard to accept that you’re grown, and this is your wedding day
You are a beautiful woman with so many things to look forward to
I want you to be happy in your marriage and know that I love you
Take the time to celebrate the good that happens to you both over the years
You will be rewarded with success, joy, happiness, and times of cheer