Wedding Wishes For Muslim

Congratulations on your impending nuptials.
You will be one another’s protector and comforter.
Your religion will be preserved and sacred.
The path of marriage you set forth upon will be sacred and full of promise and beauty.

Your long awaited Nikah has finally arrived.
We are so pleased to celebrate with you on this most special of days.
Let your mutual adoration spread forth
to all of your guests to your ceremony.
We could not be prouder or happier to welcome you into the family.

As you stand in front of the Qazi
to formalize your sacred union
Rest assured that all of us in the audience
Will be delighted to support you
and to honor the specialness
and significance of this wonderful event.
Congratulations on your wedding,
and on a prosperous and sacred marriage!

Just as “He has put love and mercy” between your hearts
So shall this be the most wondrous
of all weddings.
For your love is deep and special.
And your respect for one another eternal.
As we congregate to watch your matrimony become sanctified
We could not be more proud or pleased.

With dogged determination
We have watched proudly
Your mutual courtship
You are truly cut from the same cloth
And made for one another.
Your Nikah shall be something truly
wondrous to behold.
Although we cannot be there in person,
Please know we will be there in spirit
As you both occupy your minds
and our hearts
with only the best wishes
for your most special marriage.

As surely as the groom-to-be delivers the Mahr
And as undoubtedly as the Walima will be stupendous to behold
We give this marriage our unyielding best congratulations
To be as special and meaningful as we know it will be.
With the two of you as partners
There is no doubt of this.
All of our best congratulations to you
On your impressive and beautiful marriage.

As the Prophet said,
“The marriage which is most greatly blessed
is the one which is the lightest in burden.”
Rest assured that although your ceremony may be humble,
it is special to us nonetheless.
We are so proud to celebrate with you
and to count you as true friends.
Our most heartfelt congratulations
go out to you as you enter a most special marriage.

As we gather at the mosque
for the meal celebrating your wonderful marriage,
we will surely sit with great grins
stretched across our countenances.
For to be able to take part
in such a wondrous day
is special to us indeed.
We welcome you to marriage,
a state of true bliss for those of us
lucky enough to be with those
for whom we are truly meant to spend our lives.

We consider ourselves so lucky
yo be able to share this special time with you.
Your marriage is a true gift to one another
just as you are surely meant for each other.
We have delighted in getting to know you
not only individually
but as a couple.
Surely up to the important task
of serving as protector and comforter,
and as husband and wife.
Our heartfelt congratulations go out to you,
on this most special of days.

When the Walima banquet is served,
We will be ravenous,
for we will have surely expended
so much positivity towards you
during your assuredly beautiful ceremony
That we will be all too glad to sit and partake
in your wedding feast.
Nothing will make us happier than to celebrate with you.
Our best wishes to you on this day.