Wedding Wishes For Muslim Friend

To my wonderful Muslim friend on your wedding day
I am sending thoughts and wishes of love your way
This is a momentous and special occasion
That should be a happy and joyous celebration
Of two lives that are now joined together
I know that your marital bond will last forever

Dear friend, I am so happy for you on this, your wedding day
I love you and care for you in such a special way
Your happiness means so very much to me
Your gorgeous, radiant smile is easy for everyone to see
May this happy time extend through all of your years
May you always be loved, successful, and full of cheer

My friend, I know that you have heard that marriage can be tough
The truth is that there will be good times and times that are rough
However, your love for each other is strong enough to handle it
You have to have the mentality that neither of you will quit
Be best friends and enjoy the time you spend together
That is the secret of staying together forever
I wish you all of the happiness in the world on your wedding day
Celebrate this special occasion in the most wonderful way

Your wedding day is one that you have been waiting patiently for, my friend
I know you are happy that your single days will now come to an end
Enjoy the special moments you and your partner will spend together
May your love and happiness last always and forever
I am so happy you found the true love of your life
May you always be blessed as husband and wife

It can be quite difficult to find your one special mate
Now here we are on your special wedding date
My friend, no one deserves more happiness in life that you
You are a shining star in all that you do
Enjoy your moment in the sun as you walk down the aisle
Wallow in these feelings of bliss for a long while
Treasure each day of marriage and all that it brings
Let your love blossom and your heart sing

While you may think that you can’t love your partner any more that you do
What you will find is that over time, your love will grow and mature too
You will love on new levels that you never understood before
You will find that you understand each other even more
My friend, you have so much more happiness waiting for you
I wish you a wonderful wedding day and a great honeymoon too

My sweet friend, I am so happy for you on your wedding day
I know that there is so much joy coming your way
A new chapter of your life is opening right before your eyes
You are letting go of the old and binding new ties
Meet this new chapter with confidence and love
Give thanks for this marriage to the lord above

To my Muslim friend on your special wedding day
Let me send some wedding day wishes your way
I wish you a happy marriage in which all of your dreams come true
I wish you lots of peace, joy, trust, and even bliss, too
I know that your heart is overrun with so many emotions
And your head is filled with so many new notions
Embark on your marriage journey with confidence and laughter
You truly do deserve a fairy tale’s happily ever after