Wedding Wishes For Indian Couple

“May you have many beautiful lifetimes together. Congratulations on the occasion of your happy marriage”.

“May you always stay together and support each other through thick and thin. Show everyone what a good marriage is.”

“Blessings of good health, happiness, wealth and a long life. May your love become stronger every day.”

“May your feeling of closeness never wain. Through the storms of life, take shelter in one another.”

“As you give, so shall you receive. Every day as you have a chance to give to each other, give happiness. Sorrow brings more sorrow. Your long life ahead will surely be a success if your remember this”.

“As you each tend to your daily duties, don’t forget the importance of spending time together and expanding the love you feel today.”

“Today two people become one. It doesn’t mean she gives up everything to become you, or he gives up all for her. It means balance. If you remember this, you will always be happy.”

“You’ve both succeeded at everything you’ve done in life as great students and with excellent jobs. You know the importance of hard work to get the desired result. Marriage is not easy. It involves a lot of nurturing and compromise. Do not give it any less than you give to the practical areas of life and you will always be happy”.

“May there always be love with you no matter what life brings. While at some times it may seem out of reach, it is always waiting there for you. It is real. If you forget that, you’re in illusion. Remember this always. Congratulations and have a happy marriage.”

“Many people think of marriage as something full of dull routines and expectations but it doesn’t need to be that way. Marriage can be an adventure. Get ready and buckle your seat belt! May you have an exciting and loving marriage.”

“Knowing both of you since child time, it is a thrill to see that you ended up together. It is a match made in heaven. You were born for each other. You’re a great couple and I wish you all the happiness in the world! Congratulations!”

“Some people make each other’s lives more of a challenge, while others help make each other more happy. I’m so glad to be attending the wedding of a couple from the second category. It’s about time! Happy Marriage!”

“Today is such a happy day but it doesn’t have to end. With your sense of commitment
to each other’s happiness the celebration will go on indefinitely. Keep the fire alive. You have what it takes. Congratulations on your wedding day!”

“You two are a blessing not only to each other but also to all those around you. Your love ripples out into the universe and inspires so many people. Keep up the good work. We’re so happy to know you and looking forward to seeing you grow as a couple.”

“We are very happy that we could come and be here on your special day. Even when we go back home, we’re always thinking of you and we are praying all the time for your long and happy marriage.”

“Its amazing to think how souls find their way back home to one another through lifetimes. We see a true match made in haven in you two. What you have is not ordinary. Please never take it for granted. Take good care of each other. Congratulations!”

“ May auspiciousness surround you always. You have so many blessings with you today. Never forget how much your family cares and sends well wishes for the blessings of the Supreme to shower upon you.”